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Misses,Lesbians,ATV"s and etc


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
Here is how the weekend went

Friday: Left work at noon to go to lease. Took 5 1/2 hours to get there. Had to stop at Wally World to get tags. There went $100.
Vipe was talked to by a couple of lesbians while there. LOL. Got to lease and it was raining and windy. Tough to get everything set up but we did it. It was a windy night for sure.

Saturday: Got up. Decided not to hunt because we did not have time to check crossbows or compound to see if the pins had moved or not. So we did that. We also went and set up blind for Vipe and boys. Went by the service road and there were 8 turkeys there within 30 yards of us. Too bad season doesnt open until next week. Started hunting at around 2:30 and nothing happened that day. Guess the storm the night before affected the deer.

Sunday: After a quiet night of great sleep. Got up and I went to set up with the oldest boy. We came across 3 deer crossing the road as we walked up to the place. They seperated with the larger doe going down the one side and a small one going up the hill on the other side. We had a shot at the small one but we wanted the big one. So I sent ScreaminReel down the other side while I attempted to keep the smaller one on the hill. I wanted for SR to get set up by the path they likely would take to meet up again. I finally left area so they would think that we both had left. I came back about an hour later and SR was there by the road. He was unhappy. He said that he had a shot at the big doe but he estimated the diatance wrong and overshot it. Oh well. It happens.
Went out Saturday night with our youngest while Vipe set in Blind with our middle son Turkeyeye in the blind. Sr set up down from them 100 yards on service road. While they was there they was hearing some movement in tall grasses when 3 ATV riders came up to the camp and toward them. So since the hunt was a bust Vipe went to talk to them. Told them they were trespassing. So 1 thing led to another and they apologized and invited us to come and look at their place. So Vipe came cruising looking for me and I heard her and went to meet her. She told me about it and so we went to their land. We saw chitloads of deer on way there and on there land also of course. :rolleyes:

While there our youngest says "Mom this dog is hunking me" I look down and the dog has got him around the waist in front and just dry humping away on him. :eek: Finally got him off and then we left. Learned a couple of things that will be good for us in the future about hunting the back side of land. LOL. Went to town and of course Vipe ran into more lesbains at Wendy's.
It got windy that night. I swear some of the gusts had to be at least 50 mph. Toough night for sleeping in the tent.
Monday: Morning came and as I was leaving I saw that the blind had moved during the windstorm. So I just took it down later. We tried a couple of things that morning that didnt turn out. The oldest tried chasing 1 deer up a hill . He learned the hard way HAHA. TE and I watched a deer up the same hill go across so later that morning we checked out how they cross the hill. Learned a couple of things.

Monday night I set up with TE at around 4 pm while I sent Vipe and the youngest to one area and the oldest to another. Vipe ended up seeing 1 deer but it was out of range and then they was busted by another one.

TE and I were set up on a side of a hill that was downwind of where I saw deer crossing before on well used trails. Finally at around 6:45pm Te says he sees a deer uphill of us. Of course that is also downwind of us. Finally it starts blowing at us. Just keeps doin it again and again while trying to see us. I cant see anything because I am on wrong side of tree. So when I make a move to see it spooks and takes off. TE has the prescence of mind to make a bleat sound with his voice. It stops the doe cold at around 80-90 yards away. I think wow it worked. So with nothing to lose I start making a bleating sound with my voice. The doe starts coming back toward us. It is blowing all the time. Everytime it blows I answer it back with a bleat. It keeps coming at us slowing. It is all I can do to not burst out laughing. Finally it is with in range. I ask TE if he had it in his sights. He said no. So I bleat again and it moves about 2 feet. He said he had it now. So I tell him to shoot.(Oh he had a crossbow). He shoots!!!!!!!!!! I saw the doe move very little. It then runs about 40 more yards farther. It then takes off. I thought it might be hit. Not sure. This is right close to darkness. I try to find arrow and or blood trail. No luck. Will try first thing tomorrow.

Meet up with Vipe and other boys and go to get a coffee. Oh btw while Vipe went to town earler she ran into more friendly lesbians.

Tuesday: Cant find arrow or a bloodtrail after searching for 1 1/2 hours. Dont know what happened. We hunted for a hour and left for home.
TE was so excited after the shot. He said that he understood what I told him about shaking so bad. He said it was so hard to stop shaking to make the shot. The enthusiasm in his voice was wonderful. He was sad that the deer got away. I told him that I truly thought that he missed the deer.
Sounds like a fun weekend, Nut! Next time you catch trespassers on the lease send 'em back the way they came a couple ounces of lead heavier! ;) Getting humped by a dog...sheez. Poor kid. Misses are part of it...glad they got to get a shot in. Now they've got the fever for sure! :D

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NUT .. did you say "After a quiet night of great sheep." Ohhh no, it was "sleep" ;)

THANX for the story, looks like we're ALL out having fun :D :D
Sounds like a fantastic weekend of hunting Nut.Glad you all had a wonderful time in the great outdoors.Better luck on the next trip out hopefully this time the weather will be better for ya.
So, a good time was had by all! (especially the dog)

Thanks for the story, Nut. Sounds like those kids are hooked!

Great srory Nut, to bad the kids didn't score but they will. Now ask Vipe to tell us about the lesbians LOL :rolleyes:

Yes it was great fun. We are going back for 1 night this weekend. It is also opening day for fall turkey. :cool:


Nut is the only lesbian I need ;)
Sounds like an interesting weekend... Good to hear you caught the kids interest.

Vip,, stop picking up lesbians... you'll give the kids the wrong idea...

Ask Vipe about the Doe that snuck up on her and was breathing down her neck. When she told me about that I said "What a Lesbain Doe even tries to hit on you?" LMAO :D :D

I found the arrow that TE shot. It was a clean miss. My fault also for telling him the wrong yardage. :(
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