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Saw a program yesterday on TV of a woman on a painter hunt with mile high outfitters of Boise[?],Idaho.They were hunting the Frank Church Wilderness area.I can't remember what the acreage was for the wilderness,but it's the largest wilderness area in the US,it was frickin' huge in size,and absolutely beautiful.

Anyhow,did a search for the outfitters and the cost for a hunt is about 3500$ US,or close to it.I figure maybe by the time you get licenses and everything it's around 5 thousand ?

After I get this stint placement,I have to go on a vegetarian diet [Dean Ornish] which means I'll have to concentrate hard on which way the winds blowing when hunting,cause I'm gonna be kinda windy myself on that diet
! Anyhow,since I can't eat meat,it dsoesn't make much sense for me to go on an Elk hunt in Idaho,so I figured why not go on a lion hunt ? It'll take me a couple or three years to come up with the cash,but eventually it's something I'd really like to do.

Any of you taterheads [Idahoans] been lion hunting in that area,and is it as good as it looks ?
I've never hunted lions in there but my guess would be that it is really good. Course I can tell you that there are lions prowlin the outskirts of most of the cities and towns around here. I have a friend that runs dogs and hunts lions and bears. Lots of both in Idaho and some really big kitties.
You should take a gander at the website,there are some pics of some mighty big cats there.
Why didn't you say something bud, I have access to many thousands of acres of private ground and can call you up a kitty if you can get here and buy the tags,,, nonresident hunting $128.50 and the Mt. lion tag $235.00 = $363.50 let me know what you are thinking.

So how are you feeling? After being up half the night talking to me. We will talk about that sendero tonight. I just might buy an action and have the gun made. By the time it is said and done a custom might just cost a few hundred more, for a lot more gun.

Hart will lap the lugs, true the action and put a stainless barrel on for $545 I have found a h-s stock for $269 and the action will be between $319-$359 depending on which one I need and the kind of metal. Just typing this is getting me to think.
Heck,I didn't know Sly. Let me make some plans for next year,and I'll be there.This year is kinda tough,what with all the cardiac procedures and what not.

MO,you want to go as well ?
SE, I'm still tryin to get him and the little woman to come out and hunt white tails and coyotes but his job is not allowing him that option at this point. Tom and Jess have an open invite and they know that...

I like to hunt them big cats in late winter when the snow makes tracking them much more easily done. You tell me when you want to come and I'll round up the hounds if you would rather hunt them that way. I don't care as long as you kill one,

Have a wonderful day everyone!
Well let's pl;an on a hunt next year,maybe this year,if I can scrape up the cash.When does the cat season run in winter ?

Maineiac,would you be interested in hunting one of the big cats ?
Sorry Tom, I didn't look up the board far enough and missed your post. I feel great, got to bed at 3:20 am and got up at 7:10 am, been going strong ever since.

[lets talk wildcats a little]
I don't give a damn what people say about custom rifle's costing to much or taking to long to build, what they say about wildcat chamberings don't matter to me either. Every coyote hunter on the planet shoots either a 220swift or a 22-250 or a caliber that is AI modified and I have been there and done that. I have already learned about how fast the barrels go away and what the bullet does to pelts. Many of the "top guns" refuse to try the 19 and 20 caliber offerings. As they are mainly about numbers and not pelt preservation or have had a 17 and bad memories from them. Well its already been proven that the 20's will equil and in MOST cases out perform all the .224 chamberings. This is not my opinyon this has been proven on papper and in the field. There is documented,under 6" groups shot at over 700 yards with the 20 caliber. so when you are looking at picking a caliber for varnments and preditors don't overlook what some will say is the best fur friendly and deadly caliber to ever be created. Many of the critics have never held one let alone shot one of the 20 cal death rays. I have two and am in the process of building my 3rd as I write this piece. I just can't get enough of this smokin little verminator.

don't let anyone tell you what you want, only you know what is in your mind.


Now the big talk is the WSSM .223,.243 and 6mm the "new stuff" FYI that stuff is not new, its been around for many years and untill now was called WILDCAT CALIBERS, now that they are offered in a production run gun everyone thinks they are new to the planet. Trust me there will come a day that the .204 or the 20 caliber will be offered in a factory produced production run gun by one of the big 4.
Sly,the 20 tactical is becoming so popular,I look for it to become the next factory offered "new" caliber.

As for the WSSM's, I think the short magnums are more suited to the big guns.From what I've read on the internet, the pre production 223 and 243 WSSM cartridges are burning barrels up quite rapidly.

Say,where can I get some of those 40 and 45 grain bullets for the 20T you were telling me about ?

call me on my cell, I'll be up for a little while,,, its 12:40 my time,, thats 2:40 am your time and I know you are at work,,, LOL

Dic the list for a sendero is 1029. And the way I am looking at it for not too much more money I can have a custom gun. I know what I want.

This will be a hard decision. A factory like everyone else. Or a custom made just for MMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
I want to clear up one thing before people get it twisted. The question of the right caliber, the real question should be, whats the right caliber for your needs or desires.

This is why living here in America is so great, we, each one of us has the opertunity to choose. The freedom of choice.

Hey Dic!

I was just about to get offline and give you a call. I can't type and talk at the same time. You know here in Northern Maine we just got running water and electricity.
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