lots of deer ,a few pics


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Aug 22, 2002
A guy Named MTMILLER inspired me to start taking my camera in the woods again... Heres a few pics. I really should have been shooting arrows instead of pictures because i got 4 doe tags to fill, but i will wait for muzzel loader season i guess. I need to thin the herd a bit. I saw only one buck but didnt have my camera ready.
Heres a couple pics where i should have been flinging arrows on,

Here 6 deer in one pic, can you spot them all?

heres just some a pic from my stand, a good oak grove that had lots of nuts falling. the deer were hitting it hard.

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Damn, those are some nice pictures. I might have to take you up on that WI hunt, it certainly looks like filling a tag would not be too difficult if a guy can shoot straight.

Six deer, you gotta be sheetin' me. I only came up with three and a maybe on the fourth.

Now all you need to do is duct tape that camera to your bow and you will be set.

EDIT-Had to go back. I now see five and possibley six if the one is just a reddish head.

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see the small one right in the middle feeding that its tail touches the tree? there is one 5 feet past it,one 20 feet left of it ,one 10 feet to the right.
the big doe looking away is easy to see but the last deer is 15 feet right of her, feeding away from me behind a branch a bit.
Maybe i will get a few buck pics in a couple weeks when they start moving. this time of the year sucks for buck movement, the calm before the storm i like to call it.

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Your camera takes some awesome pictures Schmalts. Tell me (again) what you have.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Tell me (again) what you have.

HELL.. even I can tell you.. He has a CAMERA !!!

PS, Nice pics BUD !!
nut, i try to get a nose bleed when i use a climber because you stick out like a sore thumb. I was about 25 feet