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Logistics of Multi-State Hunting Trips


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Aug 20, 2003
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I am going to be making a 2+ week hunting trip this fall: first to Wyoming (mule deer & antelope near Lance Creek) and then to Colorado (elk in the White River NF area).
Question No. 1 - Should I expect any hassels from game wardens in the field or at game check stations when I have a dead mule deer and antelope with me in camp in Coloarado, each which will be properly tagged, during the 1st Colorado rifle season?

Question No. 2 - Is it reasonable to expect the carcasses to keep for 10 days+ as long as I have them skinned, cut up, and on ice.
I would find a meat locker in or around the first place you hunt or close tothe second place you hunt and drop them off.

I wouldnt risk spoiling the meat.

That white river NF hunt is a good one and very rugged depending on where you go, we went there many years ago.
If you know where you'll be hunting in CO, I would call the local DOW office and find out the name of the DWM (game warden) in that area. Call and talk to him personally, before you ever go to WY, and tell him what you're planning. Make sure he knows well in advance, and you should avoid any hassles. Keep track of his name, in case your checked by a different officer.

As for the meat, it all depends on how cold you keep it. What you might do is try to find a processing facility near where you're hunting in CO that will allow you to store your coolers of meat and heads in their walk-in cooler for a small fee. You'd avoid the situation of having WY game in your CO camp as well.

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