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Mar 25, 2003
south of tucson
So with the mountain lions being more plentiful these days,
I'm a little worried about taking my son who is 7 calling with me.
Used to be you only saw lion tracks, now you see lions, I'm up to 16 sighted in the last 5 years, scary....
Now that I'm back in arizona its a whole lot thicker than Nevada so you really don't see animals come into the call until they are there, so therein lies my concern.
So for the people that have called in lions how do they come in?
Do you think the wind scent will keep'im from coming in behind?
Am I just being paranoid?
I'm dying to take him out cause just one dog in will change his life forever and I bet I'll be doing a whole lot of calling from then on.
Any advice will be appreciated.......Just for clarification I'm not interested in calling a lion,Gotta a friend that runs lion dogs so thats how I hunt"im'
Bobcats don't bother me either ,matter of fact would welcome one, just trying to get an idea how the mountain lion comes in to a call........

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Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
My opinion your being paranoid...
take him out and let him enjoy it... chances of a lion attacking you or your kid are slim to none.. There are more attacks and attempted attacks by coyotes and fox's the lions in this state. However that being said dont let your kid go out of you sight, its not worth the risk....

As far as how a lion comes in, of all the lions I have called I bet I have called alot more and not seen them at all....

One time while I was in the mt trumble area I saw a yote running towards a big valley so I figured I would call a few in.. I set up at the foot hills of mout trumble and started blowing my call waiting for this yote to come over the hills in front.... well after a few mins I knew he would be close but got an eery feeling that something was watching me. I turned around and not more than a few feet from me layed a lion on its belly like a dog trying to figure out what the heck I was.... I swear that when I turned around I reached out my hand and when it turned around and started to run its tail brushed up against my hand. then the shots fired 3 shots from the shoulder but shooting a 243 with a big scope(long range coyote gun) I couldnt see through the scope.. so they would have been lucky shots..
Ive called most of my lions in at bartlett lake , canyon lake and apache lake while fishing bass tournys at night and only 3 in the daytime hours... Also at lake pleasant there are three lions(which they closed the lake to hunting when I finally found them).....

Best place in this state to get a lion is in 13 a&b 12B and the lake areas I have mentioned also around crown king...

Also bobcats are ever worse at sneaking up on you... dont sit up against a cliff with just your head sticking out..

Dad a friend and I were couse deer hunting in arivipa canyon it was 2 days before opening day so I figured I would call some yotes and fox's...
I leaned up against a short cliff wall to watch a canyon dad and his buddy were at camp in my view.... afater about 10 mins of calling I see my dad and his friend waving and yelling at me(they were very far away) again I turned around I have no idea why and there sat a very very large ball of fur not more than a foot from my face.. it turned around and ran like heck.. as I got up it looked like a bobcat....

oh yeah unit 22 has a bunch of lions as well next to strawberry and pine.. its best if you have a atv to get way out on rough roads then walk from there... and go on week days so people playing outdoors dont scare things off...

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