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Late Start In Idaho

The Hedgehog

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Dec 19, 2000
Man, some of you potato heads shouldn't give up so quickly. Figured I'd send off and get one of these Idaho bear tags.

Lots of places in Idaho are open into the month of June and I'm going to nail a big fat potato fed bear.... might wait another week or two though. :D

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Well If we had your TIME, MOney and LUCK.... We would hunt more too :D:D:D

I've been working out there Greeny.... I'm eating Mc Bacons EVERY day!!! I am also drinking chockolate shakes and lots of coke.....

MAybe If I'm as fat as a bear...... I can find one

PS this potato hasn't given up JUST yet. I will make one more hit.. MAybe even with an out-a-stater... *WINK*
Weekend is Set hoss.... I guess I get to Meet you after all......

PS, I fixed your ICON :D:D:D Looks just like ya !!!!!
Hey dude. Cool. Are you showing up this weekend or next? I'm headed down Friday after work for an evening hunt, then all weekend. Got the forest travel rules today.. leave the ATV at home, it won't do us any good there.

And Bring your raingear... and that economy sized bucket of vasoline. :D :D :D
Well.... I can Not make it this weekend.. But I will the next....

Fire me a call sometime... (208)571-1ELK

MAybe Monday after ya find the BEARS :D:D:D
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