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Last time....


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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
Today is the last time I will be on here until the middle of October. We are going to be leaving California Saturday morning around 7:00 A.M. We should be arriving in Salmon around 9:00 Idaho time. Then on Sunday and Monday we will try to find a couple of bulls. My dad really wants to hold out for a 6 point bull and I hope to kill a raghorn, but I will be happy with a spike. I will be in here one last time tonight around 7:45 California time, then Friday all of the stuff goes in the truck and all the final things will be done. So I wish all of you have hunts from now until I get back GOOD LUCK!!!!!! You guys all be good!! :D :D And Kraven, you stay out of the Adult Section!! :D ;) Talk to all of you later!!
Good luck TK! Take lots of pictures while you're out there and post them asap. Please don't tell me you're too busy doing your homework to take pics. Remember, you can still be in high school every year till you're 25 but you can't get drawn for an elk tag every year! Now shut up and go whack an elk

TK good luck to you and your Dad.

But if Kraven doesnt take care of the adult section, I cant have my morning coffe, and you dont want me to go withut my morning coffee. Well, I could have it I guess, but it wouldnt taste as good.