Last Hoo-Rahh Deer hunt (pics)


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Just got in the Deer pictures from my last day Deer hunt.

I tried to get into deer on Sat the second to last day of the season but withthe Snow beating down and the visibility at 20 yards it was a Tough hard day.

With Idaho Bugler able to slip out on the last day we hit the hills early again. Hikeing in we spotted a Little buck that was on an open hill side that we would watch for a min. Both of us took our eyes of of it and .... ?!?!?! It was gone. Dang Huodini buck

well it wasn't much longer till we spotted this buck. Now normally I wouldn't blink atthis buck and Drop the hammer real quick but I.B. said we'd get into better bucks. Although I should have trusted him, I decided to take this 3 point.

I used his Shooting sticks and as it was following the 2 does up the hill they kept looking back but never a good shot. I.B. said it would stop at the top of the hill and lok back, and sure enough it did. When it stoped at 220 yards I pulled the trigger and it came down.



I.B. still had a tag in his pocket having bought 2 Idaho tags and we were off in search of another buck. Neither one had a Well needed spotting scope but finally put the move on a Good buck in a canyon 1.5 miles away.

The stalk never came through but we saw alot of deer that day. several that were obviously bigger then mine..... MAybe next year ;)
Congrats again Moosie. Man I'm getting tired of saying that.

It was a good time and I'm glad you shot him. The pack out was cake and if we shot that buck on the back side it wouldn't have been near as fun.

Also, Moosie made a tough shot on that deer. It was quartering away severely. His shot entered the last rib and went through his boiler room. The buck never knew what hit him. It would of made some sweet video because we both sat there wondering what to do. I thought he pretty much decided to pass on the deer since we could of taken him at 125 yards. He just kept walking away, giving us numerous chances. But Moosie waited till the last second and decided to take him.
Good job Moosie. Sounded like a hard hunt.LOL Sounds like you had to at least give it a chance to go and wait till the last minute. Great fair chase there Oscar.
Congrats on yet another critter Moosie! You could have come all the way to Colorado to shoot a deer like that. Oh yeah.... you did
. Nice job!
Nice buck, if nothing else you are more consistant than anyone I know when it comes to the muley bucks you kill. I'll bet there's not 10 inches difference between your last 5 bucks. Oh yeah, cool hat in the second photo!
Congrats to IB, usually when you go out with the Mooseman the pack out isn't easy as cake.
Oh and congrats to Moosie on the nice 3 point, those pictures don't do it justice.
That was a great idea, kind of like shooting phesants, to let the deer get a bit farther away, so you don't ruin too much meat... ;)

I am surprised IB allowed himself to be pictured, as it kind of lowers his "average" for the year, being seen with you..... :eek:

You know, if you would just buy a Suburban, you wouldn't have to limit yourself to shooting animals that you can put the racks in the back seat of the Sedan.

Congrats again....

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