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Oct 24, 2003
Anyone seen this one or know anything about it?


I've seen the bottom photo before, but never heard any truth behind it. One thing I heard is that it may have been taken around Ellensburg, WA, but I can't say that for sure. What I do know is that its BIG.
This is a nice elk,, and the truck well yes elk hunter your right, it is ugly :eek: (this comming from a ford man) Its too clean
needs more blood on it :D :D

Heated tailgate?

First enlighten how you can tell it's heated, then tell me why you would need a heated tailgate. I know there those that live in colder places than I on this board (Washington isn't one of them!), but we get pretty damn cold in North Dakota and I have never heard of a heated tailgate.


I can tell it is heated by the fact that it is a Ford! Ford is the only manufacturer that offers this special option! I don't drive one, but I know some people that do. I am told that the heated tailgate option keeps your hands warm while pushing!

I think I may take up fishing, because I just caught a keeper!
Nice bull for sure. That has got to be a permit bull doesn't it? That is a classic--driving right to it. Maybe I just need a new truck to improve my pack out. :D ;) Washington huh??
There actually should be a Heated Tailgate. Haven't you guys heard the story of the Guy on the First date coming down the dirt road and his date had to pee. She got out and took a long time. The guy went to check on here and she was Stuck to the Bumper because her warm Butt and the cold Bumper. .. Anyways, the Dude had to pee on her to get her free off the Tailgate...

Now, I didn't make this chit up, but it makes for a Funy/good story....

Anyways, guys that But REAL trucks get REAL elk. All you Dodge Drivers with the Raghorns in the Back should shut yer trap !!!! And those of up Driving Chevy's and Our SPIKE elk, Well, We shouldn't comment either.. ;) ....

No disrespect smalls, but HoofsUp, that was the funniest thing I've read all week!
I read about this elk on monstermuleys, short story, it was shot 40 yards from the road with a bow.
christ, how are we supposed to compete with that tnctcb?

that makes my 3/4 ton look like a little tonka truck. does that sleeper get you all the action you can handle or what?
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