Kifaru packs

What model did you buy? I've thought about it in the past, but haven't been able to bring myself to drop that many bones.

Be sure and let us know how you like it.

I went for the gusto and got the rendezvous pack. It will help me pack in further, run faster, jump higher and shoot straighter.

This falls 14 day sheep hunt will be a perfect testing period. I'll let you know what I think

Since you got that pack, I've noticed you'r much better looking, and your feet no longer stink !
Great pack, ain't it wonderful how a big hunt gives you excuses to buy new gear ?
T-bone, DID Jen put a Spending limit on this hunt ?!?! I'm guessing it would have been cheaper to go to AK on a guided on
I gotta admit, she is being unbelievably understanding about the sheep hunt! But she's keeping score...which is fine. The sheep hunt is well under $2.5k The pack is good, it has a lifetime warranty, so it will pay for itself.

This is our 10th anniversary and we were going to take a trip somewhere until I drew for sheep...What a sexy woman!

If I get a good ram its going above the bed. She'll like that.

Nothing like a Good RAM in the Bedroom !!!

Vicki took over bills this year for the first time.. Seems I spent just as much for Idaho bear as MY canada trip... DANG credit card bills that can be tracked
HAHA !!!
Tbone- Let me know how you like that pack as I'm interested in the Guide version. I'm not man enough, especially after spending time with Oscar, to pack that big of a load!
So how did the pack work for you, T Bone? Any particular likes or dislikes?

The pack performed great.

The gun bearer is golden. It alows use of both hands for picking through the rocks.

Especially liked the cargo chair. For those hours of glassing it was comfy.

Also I like the quietness as compared to my old pack frame pin and ring creaking.

Boulder hopping in the vertical stuff was easier because its closer to the body.

No complaints about it. All positive, but its what I expected from them.

T Bone
FWIW, here is a link to an individual who had terrible results with Kifaru.


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Interesting thread over there, and don't tell Moosie I was reading on that forum...

Kifaru posted a response, and they seem to have a fairly reasonable reply, and an offer to make it better.

IF nothing else, it makes a good soap opera to follow, as usually there is not too much controversy on that forum, other than Larry and Michael.
Didn't realize you were an active reader of Outdoorsdirectory EG. Michael is one hell of a guy. Larry, well, he is Larry. The greatest thing since sliced bread to the non-res, and a bit of an egotistical chit to the residents. The guy who is loaning me the 14'r has some great stories about Larry, or as he calls him Fairy Larry. I can tolerate Larry, but he isn't my favorite person in the world, although he has done well for himself and has become quite knowledgeable of Alaska during his short time there.
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