KHunter ID Elk bowhunt 2023

Thanks for the play by play. I remember last years Saga, and you made this trip live up to the hype.

I gotta say if a guy and his wife are coming to help you pack out a bull from 3.5 hours away you must be a damn good friend! You need to teach Dale Carnegie courses.

(And this is not to take away from the great human being that Jason must be either.)
Great detail shared in this write up that I hope to be able to put into practice some day. Major cudos to Jason and family for their willingness to give up a day and some hard work. Not too many folks like that around!!!
Awesome story and well written !! Pics were incredible !! Thanks for taking us along !!
Man, what a great thread! Kept me on the seat of my pants for these last few posts! Nice to see good people helping good people!
Fantastic story!! That also speaks volumes as to what kind of people Jason and his wife are. Great job to all.
That was great to follow along. I was looking forward to all the updates along the way. Congrats on a great hunt.
Was a pleasure to help! Sure made the work week go by fast. Felt like I was right there the whole time…but eating better and much more comfortable in my office chair. Sometimes I was even roughing it in a recliner suggesting Khunter climb up into those areas.

Was more than happy he waited until the weekend to kill it so I had an excuse to visit my favorite area during the best time of year, meet a solid dude and shore up the foundation of my marriage with a nice “fall hike”.
Grinderman from Colorado with a lovely info and leg muscle assist from Idaho……equals a riveting story and satisfying conclusion.

Congratulations @Khunter and a big salute to @YZF-88 and wife.
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