Kaibab Early Rifle Mule Deer


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Jul 6, 2013
Hey guys, i have been wanting to get a good report posted since i returned from my Kaibab Mule Deer hunt, but it was such an adventure and i spent so many days scouting and so many days hunting, i really don't know where to start or what to mention. So ill make it short:

I hunted from the highest elevations of the Plateau down to some of the lowest elevations of the winter range and everything in-between. I saw some really nice bucks during my summer scouting, and even saw good bucks up until two days before the season, after that, the bigger bucks disappeared. During the hunt I made some new friends, one of which showed me around the Kaibab for a few days and whom i learned a lot about the Kaibab.

On the 7th day of my hunt, the really cold rain/snow came in and soaked the forest. It made still hunting conditions perfect! That day I shot the largest buck i saw during the whole hunt, and i am really happy about it. But part of me wished i got to hunt longer at the very rare chance of shooting one of those Kaibab monsters that almost everyone hears about but nearly noone sees.

I will add, for being a tough to draw tag, and for its reputation, one would think they would wrap their tag around a monster buck with little effort on the Kaibab. But that could not be further from the truth on the early rifle hunt. This was one of the toughest units i have ever hunted for Mule Deer, and most of the reason for this is because of just how thick the unit is. I was constantly bumping deer, and would only see flashes of white in the thick doghair pine and aspen. Also, there is literally every type of habitat out there between the winter range and the highest point of the plateau, and the deer were spread out ALL over it. The small bucks and does were pretty visible and if that's what you are after, then its a fun hunt, but the big bucks on the Kaibab literally have one million back up plans to their back up plan of where to hide come hunting season, simply incredible...

Here are some pics


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Jul 4, 2014
Congrats on a great buck, sounds like you earned it.
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