Kaibab - Counting Down


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Dec 18, 2000
Mesa, AZ
Four and a wake-up.. Most everything is packed but the food. Took the rifles out one more time this morning and made sure they were still zero'd where I wanted them.

Got the chain saw sharpened and made sure it was ready. Got clothes and boots, new packs should be here by Wednesday.. Gonna need those for Wyoming next month...

Sleeping bag and blankets,,, Oopss. the reason for this exercise just made itself clear.. Need to wash the pillow case for my camping pillow...

Got several flashlights, and laterns with new batteries, and propane laterns for out side.. the tent is all packed in the trailer already,, as are the cooking implements and the untensils. Got four first aid kits and a snake bite kit... a bottle of scotch, two saws, frame pack and meat sacks, both pairs of hunting boots... and plenty of clean socks... Rain gear is kind of ragged,,, hope it doesn't rain.. snow is OK..

Talked to Mountain Man last night and he's getting anxious.. and ready..

Looks like we're good to get...

and the count down continues..

Good luck Dan.
Hope you have a good deer hunt. I'd love to see a big ol' Kaibab buck posted here with your name on him!

GOOD luck !!!!! See if you can get one bigger then NUT's ... ;) NOT one with big nuts.. one bigger the OUR "NUT"... NUT, as in vip's hubby.. OHHH hell.. never mind... Just bag one !!! :D :D
OKAY, Now it's three and a wake up.. If you look at the time this was posted, you'll notice that something is getting me up very early. Glad I'm not getting anxious...

Went out yesterday and did a final sight in of the rifles. I'm taking three of them with me. A Doumolin Mauser, a mod. 70 Featherweight and a Ruger 77URL. All three shoot under 5/8 inch off of a bench which does no good at all when you're shaking like a leaf in a windstorm. Buck fever just isn't something I've ever gotten over.

Went through the list again.. Did some more shopping. Got Hydrogen Peroxide and an atomizer bottle to carry it in. Got OJ and a new bottle of scotch. Not to drink together but for opposite ends of the day.

Spent a little time in the afternoon watching football and sharpening knives. Took out the extra cot for MtnMan.. (Hope he gets his truck thing straightened out.)

Still have to make chili and salsa for the trip. Don't want to go hungry...

Oh, and at nuts insistance, I went looking for my lucky PIG skivvies.. I'll post a picture just so Nut will quit calling me chicken chit..

Maybe more to think about tomorrow.. Gotta work on that list....

Ok, let's see, it's Wednesday and I have one day and a wake up. All the dry food is packed and the frozen stuff is grouped together in the freezer. I have throw away ice in the freezer to put in the coolers tomorrow night to get them started.

Going to buy a super cooler this afternoon to keep ice for a week. Probably won't need it, but just in case......

Guns, ammo, optics, knives, GPS, compass, first aid kits, lights, matches, knee brace, extra batteries for everything, baby wipes,,,, it's all there and the black bag is zipped. Clothes are packed, and new packs are on the way. (Be here today unless Cabellas lied to me.) Danners, Browning boots, and slippers are in the box.
The truck has chains, high lift jack, come along, extra oil, lots of duct tape, tools, extra belt, can't think of anything missing.

Tent, Stove, Cots, Sleeping bags, pillow, frame pack, butt pack, all there. Laterns, tables, bulk water, drinking water, coffee, snacks, ground clothes, extra tarps, extra poles, .............................I think we're ready.. Did I forget anything?

I too am getting ready. Going out this morning to look at a F250 4wd that is near my house. 2002 with 9K miles and has a 6.8L V10 engine.
I pulled a batch of elk stew from the freezer that my wife made a month or so ago and it was great then, looking forward to it on thurs or friday night.
Come hell or high water I will be there on Thurs as planned.
I went to ben avery yesterday only to find out it was closed on tuesday also.
Going to the range this saturday to sight/practice again. Taking the 308 as a spare just in case.
Will be spending the whole weekend packing and getting ready for the adventure.
Thanks for everything.
What else do you need me to bring that you might not have thought of yet??
Call me wednesday if you find you left something home and want me to bring it.
Just leave a message at my house and I will bring it up if I can.
No, I will not bring Moosie
Not this time, especially if he can't decide what deer to shoot. :D
You are in charge of the waitresses and the cooks. Anything with red hair and green eyes that isn't from Montana and wasn't named Phillip at birth.. if you can bring a couple of them, you can shoot the 200 inch buck we tied up last time we were up there...

Seriously, just get your sefl together and get up there. If anything, Glen and I usually wind up with more stuff than we need. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday..12:00 at the intersetion of the roads we talked about or at camp if you can find it.............

Okay my friend,
Will be there as planned.
I have most everything in the garage laidout already.
It helps not having to bring my tent

The truck I looked at was nice but did not buy her story as to why they have it back after 8 months.:(
Something is not right,so I will go look at the Silverado 4 dr, 1/2 ton, 4wd at jones ford in Buckeye on friday night and then decide from there.
Just like you are, I have buck fever running through my veins and can't wait to get there.
Have a range finder now and have been practicing the distances out in the desert to get my eyes ready.
All I need to find is a better pair of binos and I will be set. Ones I can afford
Mtnman, If you get this before I get home and call you, call me at work...

480-891-2726. I will give you the number of a guy who can get you a vehicle wholesale or less. Before 9:45 or after 11:30.