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Just so you dont forget

Thanks Bill, I haven't heard that sound in 4 months, God help me.

On a side note, Bill, is there anyway to somehow switch that with the sound when your computer comes on. I don't know if you know what I mean but it's the really corny music right when your screen gets rid of all the writing then your desktop comes up. If there is a way to do it let me know because I think that would be cool to have an elk bugle whenever I start up my computer.
Save the elk bugle and follow the directions below. They may be a little different onyour computer depending on what Windows you are running. Once you get there scroll down the list to Windows Start.

To assign sounds to program events

Open Sounds and Multimedia properties in Control Panel.
In the Sound Events list, click the event to which you want to assign a sound.
In the Name list, click the sound you want to play whenever the selected event occurs.
If the sound you want to use is not listed, click Browse.
Very cool!! Thanks so much!! Now I need to get me a better wall paper. Right now I have a big nontypical muley but my screen saver is elk so if I had a wall paper to match I would really wish I was elk hunting. Thanks again Bill.

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