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Apr 7, 2002
It's been a while since I've been here,I was just wondering how you all are doing? Hows the scouting going,got the big boy patterned yet?
I've got a line on a real nice whitetail. He's a monster! But he's been givin' me the slip for three years!
I am personally not looking for any particular buck. :eek: My goal this fall is for a chance to have my wife and 3 boys to get their first deer. To me that would be better than any monster I could try to get. But after they get their first deer I want to try to get a bigger buck each sucessful time I hunt each year if possible.
One my goal this year is to take my first deer with a bow. I need to get out and start to look over the place that we hunt. I did not get alot of time to hunt last year and hope to do a ton this year. :D :D :D

No scouting necessary here, I know where the deer live and where they come out of the woods to feed (Nut can verify that).

As to patterning a large buck (around here) that is next to impossible. To many hunters around putting to much pressure on the deer. After the first day the "big boys" around here go strictly nocturnal. The second week is about the only "chance" we have of seeing a big buck as most of the slob hunters aren't anywhere around - less pressure.

I am always hopefull that the local deer hunters will learn that staying OUT of the woods is the best way to kill a nice buck (around here). But I doubt they will ever learn that :(

Good luck to all this fall

shaky...i agree 100%!....sometimes it works in your favor,"hopefully" making your un-spoiled area more desirable to a mature buck....."maybe", he will feed every night in the field....."hopefully",he'll screw up and show up a lil early one evening....

......its those damned bow hunters stinking the friggin place up!.....bastards...

OK J.B. is good at baiting people, so ill take the bait!

J.B what kind bullshit statement was that!!! its those bowhunters stinking the place up !!! bastards ! yea right ! just cause your weapon of choice is a "lazzerioni" doesnt make you a better hunter than a bowhunter! thats about the dumbest stereotypical statement youve ever made!

so what youre saying its the bowhunter that screws it up for you why ??? because we hunt earlier in the season ????

news flash J.B. : killing a big buck with a bow is a hellava lot harder than with a rifle and takes alot more patients and homework than you may think! how about the truth that most shitty slob bowhunters are gunhunters that are to impatient to wait until rifle season! and heaven forbid a guy run an arrow through the big buck your planning on shooting on opening day with a rifle!:rolleyes:

look at harvest reports and dates to see when the really big bucks get killed with archery equipment before making such a broad statement , most hardcore bowhunters hunt with archery equipment right on through the season, all three pope&young bucks that i have taken were killed during or after the rifle season!
chaps your arse dont it!

understanding the animal and how different truely big bucks are than immature bucks has alot more to do with it than blamming bowhunters! :D
....if you think thats the dumbest thing i ever said.....you missed quite a few of my post :D
i dont have the problem of you bow hunters stinking up my property......i dont let them bow hunt my place...they can stink up their own place....or better yet they can hunt public land with the rest of the slobs.


and dont go bragging about the three pope and young bucks that you have killed.......everyone knows if ya kill more then one book buck your a poacher.


i have noticed alot of you bow hunters switched to the bow because they cant kill a deer past 50 feet with any choice of weapon.....so they wack a dumb deer wit a bow at thirty feet and pat their selves on the back and say how tuff of a shot it was..."yeah, i know its a piss head deer,but i killed it with a bow".....


Seriously though.......i would much rather hunt with a rifle....staying out of the woods as much as possible..i prefer to hunt over fields..does it bother me that bow hunters r stinking up the woods?.....no, not at all....but they better keep their stinking asses out of my woods!....if bow hunting is what gets your heart pumping....go for it!....i hope you hang another book head on your wall(*cough,paocher,cough*).....


for a bow hunter of your caliber that has killed so many trophies....you have an open invitation to hunt my property......if you do decide to take me up on the offer,do me a favor......keep your stinking ass out of my woods...youll be hunting in a two teer scaffold overlooking a bean field, i hope youll be able to entice that trophy into your thirty foot range.

;) ......
thanks for the warning.....but no need for it, moosie's got it set-up that everytime you open a thread a buzzer goes off.

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O.K im sorry ONE of the dumbest things youve ever said!

hey a two teer scaffold cool! i usually hunt only one teer scaffolds! :rolleyes:

as far as getting the deer close , no problem ill just drag your feeder from the middle of your bean field and hang it under the two teer scaffold stand , it'll be tits! ill have gun shy deer all around me!

hey if you choose to hunt with a gun than cool!, thats your preference! me id rather hunt with a bow, but i do also gun hunt and have nothing what-so-ever against it, its only when hardcore gun hunters ( you ) start slammin or blamming bowhunters ( me ) for your own inabilities!! than i have a problem with it! hey it's cool J.B. not everyone can shoot a bow worth a crap we all understand!

hey ya ever tried hunting "in the woods!" ya outta try it sometime! oh and since you cant shoot a bow then you wouldnt know that you cant shoot one very well at night :rolleyes:

oh BTW yes im very proud of the critters that ive been fortunate enough to take with my bow! call me a poacher or whatever ya have to to make yourself feel better! :D :D

Bottom line, its your land and do what you want to with it! manage it how you want and control who you want hunting and with what! thats your right! but blammin bowhunters is pretty pathetic!

"tis a sad man who blames his instrument" ;)

good luck this fall with keeping all us slob bowhunters out of the woods!!! :D
dko....very funny...sounds like were on the same page ;) .

weekend.....your assuming i was joking.....its funny you say that.....i always assume you and your buddy are joking when you guys are talking about corn-holeing each other on your weekend adventures.......but i guess, just like my post above, there is a little bit of truth mixed with a whole lot of joking. ;)

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