Jason Lee's First Elk Hunt!!!!.........



Yep......he's all set, and has started the planning!...he's about to loose his "elk hunting virginity!"......so please, be gentle with him!:eek:

I asked him if he would like to go with me on a backcountry pack-in, and he never flinched!......he said he had just been waiting for some of you assholes to invite him to go .......just kidding!;)

Anyway, I figure.....why not break him in right...a 20 mile pack in to the bowels of the wilderness on his first run! may as well do it right the first time!:D ........he'll either love it, or wish he had never been born.....could go either way at this point! :eek:

...anyway.....he says he knows nothing about elk, so I figure with all the elks that went down from this crowd this year, this place is the perfect "Elk Hunting 101" course he can get!.......so post a comment or helpful tip below for Jason, and with any luck at all, we'll send this guy in blind!:eek: ..no, not really:D.....we'll send him in prepared like a veteran elk-slayer!

...and remember, he's packing in with me on horseback, so horse tips or welcome as well, and even tips on how to survive the wilderness inspite of who he is going with!


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If Jason can knee crawl from a bar in downtown San Antonio all the way back to Ft.Sam, then you'll have a great elk hunting partner. He's been in the wilderness too. I bet he brings 300 RUMs to drink, I mean shoot. ;)
Let's see, should he wear wool bibs or pants... :rolleyes:

Get your butt in shape by spending your evenings bouncing up and down on a section of telephone pole. Or spend a lot of time in the saddle prior to going... or just resign yourself to a sore ass (for one reason or another. :eek: )
Watch it Cali!!! :mad: ....I'm not like that anymore..... :D

Tom......I think if Jason gets enough "Rain Days"......the tittie bars will have him in top mountain shape come fall! ;)
Get into good shape. If you can hike hills or mtns do it with a pack. If not run bleachers. ride a bike to strengthen your knees. Shoot your gun a lot. Practice shooting prone,kneeling, standing, and against a tree and get a bipod or shooting sticks if you don't have one. Practice a bunch by running around till your winded then take 3 shots fairly fast. Practice all of this from 25-350yds. Other than that listen to what Deerslayer says, he's damn smart and knows what he's talking about.

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GET IN SHAPE. REAL SHAPE not sissy shape, be able to run full tilt for 150 yards and build up to be able to run full tilt for a mile or more. The elevation difference is going to kill ya if you're not in real shape, the steep country of up then down and the little swales in between. And do it all with a big pack cause ya need to pack ds' stuff too
hahhahaha......yeah, ol' Jason may have to tote my stuff........that is, if my horses break a few legs and I come up lame or throw a shoe.......

.here is the start of a 10 mile pack in ,.....

...I hate feeding them bastards all year just to pack my shit in and out of the mountains 2 or 3 times year....it gets pretty costly.....but I know it was the right choice when the bull goes down in a hell hole some 8 or 10 miles from the road......

...I may have exceeded the pack weight allowance of 10-12% of the horses weight! :eek:

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DS, you ever thought about renting them out to help with the costs? I don't mean doing it alot but what about say if you were helping a guy scout an area. Lets say you guys were getting together and finding good spots on maps and then decided to go scout the area... Well the guy that goes with you..(won't mention names..hehe) . Could pay you for your time and horse use..It might not be alot but maybe it could help?? Maybe not. No big deal if you dont' want to do that. Just a thought..
Dammit the secert is out...DS and I are going 20 miles back in so we can cuddle in privacy.

Tom, I was thinking that I will need a new gun for this trip, esp since I sold my 300 RUM...oops. My favorite rifle is my 280 acklye, but a single shot may not be the best medicine for the 350 classs bull that I am going to come out with.

I'm driving out there and going to stay untill I kill a big bull or die in the process....who knows:D

cali I was thinking bibs...I dont have much of an ass to keep wet pants up:D

As for being in shape, I kick everyones ass that I have ever took bear huting in Idaho, I am going to start running soon, the wife wants to join a gym anyway.....I'll be all swelled up like greeny was in that pic that he posted a few years ago.

Greeny you still look like a steriod popping freek?

Saddle them bitches up DS we are going for a ride
My advice... make nice with the horses immediately, sleep lightly, and be in top physical shape. I only accomplished two of the above!

Oh yeah... don't forget your Playgirl magazines! At 20 miles in, nobody will hear the screams!
LOL!!!You guys are fuggin crackin' me up!!!! :D :D :D

Jason is plenty fit, no problem there......and them ponies will do just fine dragging our shit for us!...hell, me and Dan went 10 miles in and had cases of beer, pop, whiskey......pots and pans, chairs, lanterns, ice chests, bags of feed, enough grocerys to feed an army, sleeping bags, blankets, a couple of duffels apiece...man, we had some shcit!....then add to that 4 dead elks!......I'd say the ponies earn their keep!

..and Jason.......your a veteran bear hunter, and that may come in handy, cause I didn't tell you yet!..we'll be in some of the worst Grizz country in the lower 48!......should have nightly encounters!..we'll have to take ol' Yoop's "the 3 S's" plan...shoot, shovel and shut-up!..better watch Legend's Of The Fall before we leave!

Bo........I imagine we can work something out.......so you wanna buy a horse ride or some intel or both!?! :D
......good information cost more than the bad, and the great info is not for sale

Indy, don't go telling Jason about our summer trek on the horses.......don't wann be fillin' his head with horror stories about broken bones and runaway horses! :eek:

Jason,...you go and build up points on the tough hunts, then you earn a candy-assed migration hunt like Indy has done for the late season! ;) ...gotta pay your dues.... :cool:

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Can't wait for the stories and pics from this outing...Get um boy's.. :D :D :D
Jason, the best advise I can give to you for this outing would be to run faster than DS. You can't outrun a Griz, but as long as you can outrun DS you will be safe. If you can't, just hide some honey and bacon in his pack. ;)
LOL! :D ...funny chit Elky!

Greenhorn told me to be sure and have a "bear proof" camp..... :rolleyes: ....ok, and what is it that a Grizz can't destroy! :confused: We won't be sleeping much at night I presume.......maybe take turns keeping the fire going.....or hell, pile up a big banquet of shcit for the bears about 500 yards downwind??? :eek: I'll be sleeping with the old Colt half cocked I can tell you that shcit! ;) .......and if we do come out of this one unscathyed...you know we'll lie and make up stories otherwise! :cool:
Well DS, with this you will be bear proof. You can leave the ponies home because this baby will do it all. It fits four, so I fugure the two of you could make it work for sleeping also. Hell, you don't even have to get out to shoot. Deadfall will not be a problem either.

DS...lie, can't even phantom that; that must be code for something else :D

Jason Lee, sounds like you're 'more ready' than most (do be sure to practice plenty with your rifle, as Boman suggest --I see nothing wrong with using a 280 Ack, I use a 284 Win [GTIBC] :D )

(DS, if you 'rent-out' the horses, what percentage goes to the horse?)

Jason, it's all good advice, take heed & GOOD LUCK!!!
Take it from someone whos been there;

When them horses start getting jumpy, stand back fast !

When DS starts climbing the worlds tallest mountian, just let him, don't bother trying to keep up.

Wake up early, and get ready fast, takes DS about three minuets from sleeping bag to saddel.

Wear a pair of narrow boots, ya don't want your boots getting stuck in the stirrups when a big bull steps out.

Don't bother takeing any extra supplies, cause DS packs EVERYTHING ( including the kitchen sink )

Bring your own first aid kit, including ant-acids.

Trust the horses, but keep an eye on the cowboy.

If Marks cowboy hat get crushed, just say
"It adds character"

Is this a bow hunt, or rifle ?
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