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IS anybody scouting for birds yet?

Idaho Ron

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Dec 24, 2000
southern Id
I have went scouting for chukar and blue grouse. So far I think the quail numbers will be good. I have heard the sage grouse will be in short supply. I also think with the farmers able to harvest the CRP this year the sharptail might be in trouble. Has anybody been out?? Ron
Ron....I usually don't scout birds, I used to but got my spots now that I usually go to, but will check the numbers of them in a couple weeks I guess you can call that scouting, from what I've heard the chukars are doing great in our neck of the sagebrush and steep hills. As far as grouse go either they are there or not but tend to usually find them by water.
I have never scouted for birds.. even though I am more of a bird hunter than a biggame hunter...... But being out in the desert all the time and at the lakes we see lots of quail and ducks.

Whats this about farmers harvesting CRP (that I paid for)?? I would say it would really hurt the sharpies. They are my personal favorite.
It is a crappy deal but I guess in a drought, land owners in the affected area can harvest crp and or graze it. And yes it will have a huge impact on sharptails and sage grouse. Last year a group tried to list the colombian sharptail. The only reason they did not get it done is because of the CRP. This changes everything. I would guess next year they will try another listing on Both species.
I cruise the countryside morning and evening I still haven't seen any pheasant chicks AT ALL! I'm starting to get concerned since by now the third hatch should be appearing. I haven't even seen any juvenile birds from the first hatch.

We have had high heat and little rain. The only saving grace is we did have heavy dews so there should have been moisture for the eggs and chicks.Also we do have a large quantity of insects this year, so if there are any out there they have plenty of food...

I guess I'll find out when the combines roll.
Update, this week I've seen two bunches of chick pheasants one bunch was just starting to get their adult feathers and the others couldn't have been 4 weeks old. I'm feeling better now.
I am worried a bit about the pheasant, sage hen and sharptails. I have seen many Blue grouse. Only a week to go!! Ron
Ron, Sorry, but my friends who do a lot of pheasant scouting say they think numbers are down. I don't scout because I know I'm going to my usual early season chukar places anyway, whether the birds are there or not. Actually, if they're not there they won't be anywhere, because those spots are the best I know for early season hunts and even in bad years there will still be birds there, just not as many. After I look the situation over at those spots and compare notes with my buddies i'll know what kind of year it's going to be.

The situation on grazing CRP is this: They have a clause in the contract that allows grazing in case of an emergency. Naturally the ranchers think up any excuse they can for an emergency and start screaming they need emergency relief every year. They can always think up a reason they should be able to graze it. The real reason is that they can't stand to see tall grass. They think if it's not being eaten by cattle it's going to waste. After all, it's a renewable resource just like trees. The timber companies want to cut every tree and the ranchers want to graze every blade of grass. If they can get paid not to and do it anyway that's great, as far as they're concerned, so they might as well try.
I am working with the department on sage grouse, and sharptails. The only reason the anti's did not get the sharptail listed is because of the CRP. Now they know it is not safe I will predict they will try to list again next year. I hope I am wrong. Ron