irritations on a coyote hunt

quail hunter

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Mar 25, 2003
south of tucson
The people that claim to be the greatest shots in the world, and they tell you about there shots, then you take'im calling and they miss every coyote.
The person that sets themself up in the open ,
The one that likeS to talk loud,
The shoot at the running dog coming in to the call at around 500+
The sleeper
The one that can't sit still


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Not getting to go as much as you like to.

QH what you are talking about is how I stragicly place friends that act like that. I use them and their scent as a barrier and I watch the escape route.
The one's that whine about... It's too early or I'm tired, can we go home now

The one's that no matter how early you meet them and talk for an hour or two, they still choose to continue to talk while you are set up

And all the ones as mentioned above added with mine is probably why I 98% hunt ALONE!

1. Takes em twenty minutes to open a freeken gate.

2. Thirty minutes to to get all their s@#^#t out of the truck.

3. Then they have to slam the damn door.
The guy that insists on driving and playing his radio at half volume right up to when he parks the truck!

I’m pretty busy when he calls.
With Byron, door slammers. How hard is it to understand "Ease the door shut."

Movers and shakers. How hard is it to understand "sit very still. Look with your eyes, not your whole head."

Nylon or other synthetic cammies. Huh? Why do they make this stuff? One guy sounded like he was wearing corduroy pants. Swish. Swish. Swish.

Loose cannons. I used to hunt with this guy that shot at first glimpse of the coyote. 400? 500? It didn't matter how many yards out they were. He never allowed them to close the gap. Ever. The only good thing about that way of hunting is that it makes for a very exciting time on the very rare occasion when he actually hit what he was shooting at.

And guys that want to hunt with me but don't take it as seriously as I do. I am out there to have fun, but I don't see the need to walk mile after mile if we aren't going to put our best foot forward. If you think it's another day at deer camp, stay at home. Once we leave the driveway, we're coyote hunting.

Having said that, I have found only two guys that I let hunt with me on a regular basis- my brother and a good friend. Both of them have entered the arena with an open mind and been willing to listen to what I ask them to do, and then do as I have asked. My brother only hunts coyotes on very rare occasions anymore, but Jeff is with me several weekends a month and his skills have improved dramatically. A good calling partner is worth ten times their weight in gold. That's for sure.
How about those guys who beg you to take them calling, then can't see the coyote standing in front of them 20' away?

The worst? The one's who wait until you are out of the truck opening a gate, then rip a really nasty one and sit there with their eyes watering and the windows rolled up waiting for you to get back inside.
Welcome Tim,
Glad you joined us and hope you find a place here at Moosies, we need the experiance of hunters like your self. glad you are here in person and My eyes don't water

The guy who says he's shot over 300 coyotes and has no idea how to strip a tail or tube a dog.

The guy who brings 5 different loads to try out.

The guy who stands up when he hears me shoot.

The guy who doesn't offer to help pay for gas.

The guy who wants me to show him all my places and has none of his own to offer.

The guy that complains about me smoking even though there's 4 coyotes in the truckbed.

Other than that, I get along fairly well with everybody.LOL

damn spellin errers

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Laughing in hysterics with Jay... yes Jay, the one who gripes about smoking!!!

I just took this young kid, well in his twenties on a spring gobbler turkey hunt on my property. He moved around quite a bit in jerky motions. Me, I sat there, slow motion drinking my coffee and slowly smoked a cig and he still got a huge gobbler. I heard later that he was afraid he wasn't going to get that turkey because I sat there and smoked and drank coffee... LMAO I might have the pics somewhere on one of my cd's... I'll have to look.
Welcome Jay,
Damn glad your here, pull up a chair and stay a while this place will grow on ya.


and what he said.
Mosquito's, ticks, chiggers.

Told ya so's, from the pard.

slammin doors,

and the tell tail click of and empty chamber of an unloaded rifle.

later pup
Yeah had that happen four in a row the other day with the pdogs. My bud was about to hurt himself laughing so hard.

later pup
"Do we have to walk all the way over there?"


"We're never gonna see anything, lets just head back."

and one of the most reassuring sights, looking back and seeing your partner standing, scanning the country side from the highest point of a hill you've nearly fallen down the side of 3 times trying to keep a low profile.
At least he'll know where threy WERE.

Hunting with really hot chicks. You can't take your eyes off them, and all you can think about is taking the shot, so to speak. And then if you get to take the shot, all you want to do after that is take a nap.

Oh, yeah, and I hate it when I head out to go hunting without my gun, ammo, camo, coffee, and calls, and for some reason find myself sitting behind my desk at work.