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Iowa Walking world recored killed by hunter!!


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Aug 22, 2002
Its true, pics not released yet but the nick named buck that was the obssesion of the whole county was taken by a young hunter. It is said the buck will score around 322 inches NT.
Ha ha, that's funny, I thought you said 322 inches.
Whatever it measures, it sounds like it's a helluva buck. Even better that some young whippersnapper killed him...except now he's going to expect one every year!
dude, I did say 320 inches. It will rank right under the hole in the horn and missouri giant. It will beat the Beaty buck from Ohio to take the lead as the largest buck ever killed by a hunter. They have pictures of it on hoof for a couple seasons before this, but none from this year. heres a pic of it last year
check out what the H measurements would be on it that year alone.. Just so you know, there is a Typicle walking world record in Iowa too. Sheds from it will beat the Hansen buck by 7 inches without a spread credit. lets see if he gets shot too.

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Wow. I guess the pics were taken out of season? That is pretty awesome, and I would like to know more when you get it (or could direct me to it). Thanks.
Good Lord, that's definitely a big boy! Here's hoping whoever shoots the other one doesn't do like Hansen and blow the antler off.
Looks like a cactus buck to me. That's a castrato that never sheds it's antlers... From what I've been told, a female will sometimes bite the testicles off of the smaller of two male fawns if she throws twin males. That keeps them from fighting when they get older. What a hell of a way for a mother to treat her kids... HUH??

The story I'm hearing is that is was taken by a 13 yr old during the early youth season. Shot with muzzleloader.
No kidding, you mean if I shoot the balls off of a buck, it will get that big danr55?

Is that what happened? Is it free ranging or what?
Tom, When a buck looses the testicles, it no longer prodcues the hormone that makes it shed it's antlers in the winter... They just kind of hand on and grow in all kinds of ways. They don't ever get the urge to rub off the velvet, so it just hangs on. There are several reported in the west. This is the first white tail I've seen like that, if that's what it was...

I saw a whole website dedicated to this monster...

Iowa deer hunting forums
He was discovered because a set of sheds was found in 2001, there are a bunch of pictures of him from the next year, with and with out velvet.

Supposedly someone hit it with a shot gun slug in 2001, they tracked it for hours and never found it. It survived to be shot once again and this time for good. It's truley a monster.

Some more info
Looks like we're talking about two different deer here...I think everybody will agree that the one I posted isn't the one you guys posted. I'm all confused now....Were there TWO of these big 322 inch bruisers? As we say here in the sticks, WHUT IN THEE HEYL?
LOL...someone's calling the buck I posted "The Don King of Deer":


I sure wish I knew which was which...I've seen both of these being referred to as a new world record, with a 15-year-old killing them both. Either there's strange coincidences afoot, or somebody's telling tales.

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