Interesting case


Jan 19, 2018
A guy from work showed me a video he took just down the street from him in Schuylkill county PA the other day. I am trying to get the video and will attach if I find it. A two and half year old buck was flopping around in a horse pasture, unable to stand but appearing not to be injured (not hit by a car). In the video it appeared that it could lift its head but not make its limbs work. The game commission came and dispatched it and took it away. The next day the horses were moved out of the pasture, the game commission would/could not answer him what was wrong with the deer. This would be at least 40 miles from any CWD area. Anybody here about this or have any idea what it could have been?


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Sep 4, 2014
Timberville, VA
I had one here on our farm acting similar about five years ago. Truthfully I was pretty worried about cwd but didn't know any signs to look for. Looking back the deer was in good order so I don't think it was cwd. In my case the deer had scours and I think it was week because of dehydration. It died a few days later. I called the game wardens but they never came to look.

Funny thing was, my youngest son was begging me to shoot it for his first deer because he could just walk up and shoot it. What a trophy.


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Feb 6, 2017
Sounds like EHD to me.
But deer that I have seen in that state were all near water and in a day or two, died.
The local biologists usually come to collect sample tissue. But here in West Virginia it seems they don't make any effort to let the land owner know the results of the tests. You have to hound em for info. Sometimes you never get any.