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I been thinking about getting a pair of insulated "Bib" type coveralls, for hunting in cold weather. Any body have any favorites ? I don't need artic gear, just something to keep my legs a bit warmer, in tempratures between 15% and 35%
I mostly still hunt, so I want something thats comfortible for walking around.
What do you wear for cold weather hunting ?
Anaconda, my buddy has the Cableas mt50 insulated rain gear,and i have the Cableas insulated saddlecloth (?? slam series)and love them!! both are very good! i also have the mt50 uninsulated rain gear and wouldnt trade it for anything! very versatile clothing!
the best possible route for cold weather gear would be "King of the Mountain wool"!! very pricey stuff but a good investment if ya hunt alot in extreme weather.Their best feature is its machine washable where most wool isnt! The low nap saddlecloth is a great exterior garment it doesnt pick up seed heads, burrdocks etc... try to stay away from cotton products!! they retain to much moisture, layering wool and syn. is the best protection against cold and changing weather conditions!
GOOD LUCK hope this helps!!


Sometimes I just use cardharts bibs with overwhites. They keep me plenty warm (coldest was only -15) but dont cook me either.
Usually I wear a mixture of poly-pros, fleece and goretex for cold weather.

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All I mainly use is carhart coveralls. They aren't to hot for walking around and are warm enough for my atv and even my snowmobile at times.


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Do you use the insulated carhart coveralls, or the uninsulated ?
I know carharts are tough, last forever type clothing, but are they comfertable and flexable enough to move around in ?
I do a lot of walking and climbing between places to sit and glass, usually wear bluejeans with long johns when its cold.
Been looking at some of the bibs in the pro bass/redhead lind, they have there own materials like "Silenthide"& "Microsuede" that sound good and don't cost to much. I can't afford the really nice stuff like "Browning Hydrofleece", $230 + a piece is over my budget.
I bought a pair of Wrangler Rugged Wear insulated jeans from Cabelas last year and they saved my bacon the first hunt. I found out the hard way they are great for snow conditions and aren't too warm to wear in good weather. They are about $35-40 and come in Realtree Hardwoods camo, blue jean and a couple other colors I believe. The beauty is they have are not too bulky and don't restrict movement like full bibs can.
Ive got insulated carharts I have had for a few years. They are tought and still in fair shape. They re real warm and once they got broken in became fairly comfortable hiking around in. I wear them under white camo when hunting coyotes in the winter. :cool: I also wear them to work a lot in winter. I drive a flatebed semi, hence they keep me warm when loading and tarping and when I have to throw iron going over the hills.
I really hate having to throw iron the older I get. :D :D

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A friend of mine just gave me a pair of the full coveralls from Carhart...they seem great! (He outgrew them. :D ) We built a fence and gate, and I had no problem bending over, kneeling, lifting, hauling, etc. The zippers at the lower legs were cool, as I could just slide them on over clothes and boots. I don't know about use in wet conditions, though.

Carharts are cut for the working man. I wear them for work clothing,insulated in winter and noninsulated in summers.For hunting,I usually wear wool pants or wool bibs.Wife bought me a pair of Remington caom insulated pants that I tried out last winter..loved them!!

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