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Aug 28, 2001
Sebec Lake Maine
Were new to the board and wanted to say hi to everyone.We guide for bear,deer, and moose out of Sebec Lake in Maine and just wanted to know how everyones season is going so far.Hope to talk to all of you soon.

Good Hunting!!!!
Ben & Starr Pinkham
Welcome aboard Ben and Starr.I bet I know how ya found us too.LOL Did Mike bag the big one yet?Hope you have a great fall guidin.I'm east of ya in woodville on rte 116 tween medway and chester.Good Luck and tell Mike we're waitin for his stories.
Hey Maineiac,
It's me Mike and I'm showing Ben and Starr this website.I shot a nice bear Monday night!!!It went about 200 lbs.Plenty big enough for me.I'll write more about it when I get home.I 'm heading out probably tomorrow. These are some really good folks up here!! I'd recommend them to anyone in a heart beat.

I'll talk to you all soon.

Hi Ben and Starr.Welcome to the board.I am George Pelletier from rochester N.H. right on the Maine border.I guide both N.H. and Maine.Mostly bear with hounds.Dont do any bait hunts.We've never met but I have heard about you from some other guides in Maine.Do you have hounds?? If so the hound section here is pretty good.
As far as this season is going.absoulutely terrible for baits down this way. I hunt in very southern maine.I keep the baits just for running dogs off.Had several gettingh hit steady for a while.Treed a bunch of nice bears off them .Last week my baits shut right down.I mean completely.I have one bait that is hit every night.There were several bears off it but a bait hunter a 1/4 mile away took one of them last night I think judging by the way it was hit tonight.There are so many acorns down here it is unreal.There arent alot of bears around here in the first place and I think it is going to be some hard to get one going in a couple weeks.
how are your hunters doing???
Welcome Sunset Ridge Outfitters,
hope ya enjoy coming in here. There's some good people in here. Good luck and cya later
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