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I'm home, darn it!

Calif. Hunter

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
Here are some pictures from Maui -







A real friendly fish!

More pictures in Gallery

[ 06-06-2004, 22:25: Message edited by: Nut ]
Mamas Fish House ! My favorite place to eat seafood !
Did ya go diveing ? Fishing ? Drink any of thoses Mai Tais ?
Did you get out and do any fishing while you were there? I ran a charter boat Called the No Problem when I lived there and also a sailboat called Scotch Mist. Man that place is beautiful. Awesome pics there Calif Hunter. My Dad is still there and runs one of Wylands art galleries on Front St. That looks like a Wyland painting in the pic. ;)
That first one is exactly how my wife likes to sit in boats.... On dry land... ;)
Second...beutiful sunset....
Third, nice looking kid you have there, what is that yellow thing for?
Fourth, Hawaii can sure put out some nice gardens.
Fifth- Those two sure moved a lot of rocks to make that fort.... ;)
And sixthly.....She just wanted a kiss from you Rick... :D :D :D
Nut - what did you have to do? The pics worked for me...

The yellow thing is a "noodle" - a floaty thing madeof closed cell foam. They also come in a round tube version.

The "fort" was an old foundation of a Hawaiian home that has been restored. There is a larger one, too, that was more of a central hall, I guess.

Yes - the Mai Tais were good, and I ate a lot of Opah, Ono, Ahi and Mahi Mahi.

I didn't get a chance to go fishing - one of these trips, I will. (We go every couple of years.) Next time, I will have to stop in and see these Hunt Talk relatives!

I also didn't get to do as much diving and snorkeling as I wanted to, but it was still a very relaxing trip. My feet are objecting to shoes on this first day back to work...
Cali... Welcome Home. DID you get your Package ?

Awsome Pictures.. I'm heading to Sunny CanCun next week, Hope the weather is the same ;)
Wow, you're back already. The fish picture is the best, what kind of camera was that, or did you just buy the picture?

So, how was the trip?
Tom - I'll have to check the model number, but it was a Minolta underwater camera using the )now defunct, I bet) "advanced photo system." We bought it a couple of years ago, before digital cameras were everywhere.
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