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I'm calling dibs


New member
Oct 4, 2010
They are sold by the pound... Right now it's about $13 for good brown, $8 for hard white, and $2 or $3 for chalk... So those would be nice and hefty and therefore bring some good bucks just due to being big and heavy. Now you might also be able to find someone who would want a set like these just for the sake of having them since they are big and gnarly and you could possibly get more for them than they were worth per pound.
I started typing a similar post earlier,got distracted though.
Figuring each antler weighs 10-11#'s that set would fetch around $260-275 for brown weight.
But due to character,color, condition etc that set to a relatively easy to find trophy shed set buyer would be worth around $700-$800.
Fantastic set, congratulations.