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Dec 22, 2000
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Well Moose-ski where would you like me to post some stories and photos? Do you want them here, 2003 Bear Hunt, or the Fireside? Here's a couple little teaser photos to get ya going. You should see the bear that did this to this bucket. Well I quess you will be able to see it as I have several photos of it. But don't tell Moosie the bear weighed 460 pounds as I see he doesn't believe in such things. The bear was stealing buckets out of the boat and they ran when they approached in another boat, he ran off. He'd managed to eat 4 or 5 buckets worth before they caught him. Anyway the hunter ran up over the hill after him and as he topped the hill King Kong was standing there 50 yards away straight on with a, "Bring it on!" look about him. One shot from a 300 Ultra Mag in the chest put an end to his bait stealing days. I'll give a few more details about the bear when I post a photo or two of him. For now here's what a 6 1/4" paw and teeth can do to a five gallon plastic bucket, when a bear can't get the lid off.


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Troy.. I call Idaho bear hunters that live in this area LIERS when they say they see 400 LB bears all the time. The odds are sh|t to NON that they know what they're talking about !! :D :D

I will never say, HOWEVER, that Washington or Canada don't produce larger bears.. I only know this area.

POST AWAY !!!! LEMME here and drool for a friggin year over whats up there !!!! 300 ultra mag eh ? I think i know someone that shoots that kind of gun :D :D
Come on Troy, post a picture of your bear. You never showed me any pictures of it when you came through town.
That's a teaser all right! Those buckets are hard to tear up. Pretty good bait in those buckets, what was in them? He might be doing the drawing, so we can order one after he posts it. Good shot, whoever shot him!
Will you have that bucket mounted for the wall or live mounted on the floor with your bear tearing it open..That may be kinda cool...You may want to clean the goop out of the bucket before though, or the visits to your house may be a little light.... :D
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