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Blacktail boy

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Jan 4, 2001
I want to hunt Idaho next season and kill a nice whitetail buck, Anyone have any advice,
I will go in august and try to scout a private land owner and bribe them with some fresh seafood. I would like to stay in the panhandle region as my sister lives in Spokane Wa and will give me free accomadations and even feed me, and I could commute every day from there within an hour or two. Im thinking mid november from what ive read on other posts is the best time for the rut. any ideas on where to find a cooperative landowner? Or any other advice. Thanks.
I think Ten bears lives in that area...
e-mail me, and I will send you his e-mail addy!!!
Blacktail Boy,

I hunt in that neck of the woods every year and while hunting private property is the norm in most good white tail areas there is much oppertunity on public lands in the pan handle.
I killed a 151 6/8s BNC gross buck this last season on potlatch ground, witch is open to the public. The best way to gain access to private land is to ask the land owner, (RESPECT) works well with the ol'timers and the deer are pests to many of them.
I used to hunt the 10th to the 20th of Nov.but have ajusted my hunt time to corrispond with the rut. I now hunt 15th to 25th as the rut seemes to be getting later every year with the warm weather. This year I killed my buck on the 23rd at 3:35pm. He was full blown but not runnin does. He weighed in at 354 lbs on the hoof and had a 26" neck at the ears. He had 11 points 6x5 and was 9 1/2 years old.
There are good bucks out there but you have to pass up the little ones to get to the big ones. I don't think you will be to unhappy with huntin in Idaho.

Hunt smart and good luck
Thanks Dic,
Im really looking forward to hunting there, Sounds like a nice buck you shot. I dont mind passing up the little ones, I usually pass up an average of ten bucks a year to get mine here in wash. Is it hard to get away from quad runners? I dont mind hoofing it a half a dozen miles to get to some good ground that doesnt allow quads. I got a clearwater natl forest map today that shows how much public land is around there, hard to pick a spot to scout. Is there timber where you hunt or is it rolling grass land? Im not too familiar with the terrain. Thanks for the help.

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