Idaho unit 42 trophy hunt


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Jul 26, 2015
Kuna, Idaho
This year I was lucky enough to draw the late hunt for unit 42. I did a little 2 point hunting in the area last year and have already put in a few scouting trips around the juniper mountain area. I've searched high elevation and low elevation, it yielded does and smaller bucks (3 point or less). I know there are some monster 32"+ deer in the area and im definitely willing to put in the footwork. The season will be during the rut and highly weather dependant. I'm looking for any information on the area or some successful hunting trips out there. Also, I've heard there are a ton of smaller 4 points in the little jacks/big jacks area... I just don't want to use my once in a lifetime tag on a smaller buck. Any information on that area would be really appreciated. Also, I've talked to the area biologist, purchased and studied the riddle and triangle blm maps, and now I'm working on landowner permission to access hunting area. Outside of a few more scouting trips, what am I missing? Again, any information will be greatly appreciated, thank you!


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Jul 14, 2011
Hodale, Idaho
FYI both jacks creeks are in unit 41. Use your time to learn the area and roads you will likely start seeing better deer in mid October. Good luck