Idaho Unit 27.....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Just to clear some thing up. I made several coments on when I went in for sheep there is no way a guy could get out an elk on his back. That is a true statement. I'll Stick to that part !!!

What isn't true is that there aren't any bulls there or that you can't get one out in other places.

Unit 27 is a fairly large Unit that can be accessed several ways. Going in through the Crags campground like I did for Sheep hunting is NOT the way to hunt it. Just an FYI.

Due to some Recent Emails I figured I'd clear that up. Is is huntable and can be accessed.

Except that the Wolves ate all the elk in Idaho ;)
So did you see/hear some decent bulls in there Oscar? Living pretty close to there, I am sorta interested in it, having talked with Tbone a bit about it last year.
man I've been going back and forth on 20A or 27--been pounding the maps like a Playboy mag---still haven't figured out where my bro and I will set up camp and now Moosie you throw this at me to make we wonder even more---'ell maybe we'll start in 27 and just hunt north into 20A and then float down the Salmon nekkid for fun--oh well I got 15 days to decide---chris
Try going into the unit from the southern end. Up over Loon creek. I went in there after bear and saw alot of sign. You have to get in there on foot. Its a long hike back in there. There is also a outfitter that hunts back in there also. It is some rugged terrain. But I did see lots of sign up in there. I hiked back in there I think the guy said 8 miles to the hot springs. A forest service guy that was counting the salmon beds told me he had 3 bears almost immune to him after he spent time in there. So he even had his G/F bring up his Lab and after a time they even started chasing the dog. He got pretty nervous towards the end of his stay in there.
I've been looking at going into Loon Creek and doing what you say supersider34--but I'm looking at the Knapp Lakes area also--and looking at going in from Challis also---in 20A I think going into chicken springs is what we might do, if we go to 20A--I think unit 27 season ends the 22nd and this may force us to think different--need to check it out again and see if that holds for deer also---chris
The hot springs down on Simplot's ranch at the bottom of Loon Creek is awesome. About 12 feet long, and maybe 6 feet wide. Maybe a bit bigger.

I sat in there one night, and there was probably 15 people in the hot tub. Some chick sits down next to me, and we talk a bit, drinking Heinekens that somebody had carried. And the next thing I know, the chick starts shaving her legs....

This doesn't have much to do with Elk hunting, but it does have to do with the hot springs at the bottom of Loon.
ok I looked it up in the regs and it's the deer season that ends the 22nd not the elk season in unit 27--chris

I, too, thought it was going somewhere else when she sat down next to me.....
All I got was a decent "visual"..... :cool:
You'll be fine as long as you bring a snowblower.

I used to backpack into Knapp/Tango Lakes area.
Knot many folks get over the ridge from Knapp into the Tango side. However the ridge is high and I'd guess impassible after any early weather.
thanks Wally Dog for that Knapp Lakes info-

I have 11 days to decide where my bro and I will set up camp and it looks like I'll need all 11 of them--'ell I may not decide until we get into Idaho---chris
got two sleds ready for the pack in and out--decided to upgrade to a 3 man canvas tent with a stove--so we will pull it behind us is the plan--tent weighs like 15lbs and the stove 6lbs--gonna a be a pain I know--but I don't want to come out until I want to, so we will fight the sled with lighter packs, to be some what comfortable in the long run--chris