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Figured I'd ask here since Idaho has a lot of elk hunters around. What would you guys suggest for shooting grouse out that way? I was wondering if picking up a CO2 pellet or BB p;istol would be appropriate.
I'd say no. They're at least as big and usually bigger than a pigeon. I'd bring a 20ga with #7 shot. That way you can still have a shot if they flush.

Shooting grouse on the ground or in trees Arkansas style??? What kind of a mouth breathing heathen are you?
I always pack a .22 cal crossman pump-up air pellet pistol into elkcamp. It's relatively quiet and kills spruce grouse quite effectively.
It works just fine.
Paws, I don't know what kind of grouse it is or if it would be legal to hunt but when we go out west they are all around camp. They sure come close and would be easy pickings. Don't know if a pellet would do it as I never owned one. don
You can kill them with a pellet gun no problem, I've done it several times. Just head shoot them. I'm pretty partial to a 22 though for all around grouse gun.
Shooting a game bird with a rifle and no dog!
Knuckle dragger :D
No really, I think i would use the 20 ga. That way the fry pan will be filled if the bird flys.
I prefer a load of 7 1/2's in my Berretta 12 guage shooting over my GSP.

But when I'm bivy hunting for big game the grouse can be a tasty addition to the freeze dried.

I've killed lots of grouse with a co2 17 cal pellet. only take head shots or back shots. Don't take frontal or broaside shots.

The best I've found is a .22 pistol with the powderless rounds by aguila. Its a 25 grain bullet at around 450 fps. It sounds just like a pellet gun. Its knocks them out cold.
Grouse are considered a game bird? I thought they were a common pest
I do hunt for quail and pheasant with a shotgun, is that some retribution for my barbaric grouse hunting techniques? I've never really seriously hunted for grouse they have always just been something that I shot while out scouting in the fall.
I usually take my 44 mag with me as a side arm when I am out for deer or elk and cary a supply of birdshot with me for the way back to camp. Fresh grouse for dinner is a tastey meal at the end of the day.
I carry an H&R 22 pistol, you get nine shots and with a little practice, get really good.
The way I practice is to put the shells in my pocket and set the box out starting at ten feet, then when you can get it to dance, you step back, and continue, until you can do this out to 20-25 yards and still get it to dance... Then on the grouse, I only take head shots...
Thanks guys, all good information; much appreciated. PAMTMan,if they are that thick at Dvorshak maybe I'd better plan on claymores with trip wires to protect the hunters! :eek:
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