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idaho elk

gar man

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Mar 5, 2003
southwest missouri
my buddy and i are going to idaho this fall. unit 36b or 28. right now we are looking at going up panther creek somewhere near yellowjacket. can anybody say yea or nea on this area? never been out there, hell i have never been elk hunting. we just need some advice.
i talked to the biologist he wasn't much help. i have also talk to the forest service guys and have one of there maps of the area. i guess my problem is i am used to scouting whitetails here in missouri were i can scout all year long, and now i am in a situation that i can not scout and it is bugging the piss out of me.
Hey gar man, I hunt 28 every year. If you decide to hunt that unit let me know. I won't tell you where we personally go but I will tell you of some of the spots where you would have a good chance at getting into elk if you glass for them.
If you cross the river and hunt up panther creek from the bottom you will get into all the elk that are pushed down from the top. I hunt the oposite side of the river in 21 but have seen a lot of elk down toward the river on the 28 side. It is really steep and most who come in from Salmon don't want in those bottoms.
first let me say thanks for all the help. its not very often the new guy gets much help. so if theres anything i can do for you guys here in mo. just let me know.
the spot we have right now is in 28. the country looks pretty rough which is one reason we picked it. we thought maybe that would cut down on the number of people. those rough spots are the places we like to deer hunt here in missouri so we thought we would do the same thing elk hunting.
don't get me wrong i am not looking for somebodys hot spot. i wouldn't give you mine so i am not expecting that from you guys. just looking for general areas to scout on topo maps.
also has anybody done the unit 27 rut hunt, and how is that hunt? i think we will buy our tags for that as soon as dec. 1st comes around.
I would vote for unit 28 as well. I've never hunted for elk there, but I've been there a 2 times on sheep hunts during elk season and we saw lots of elk.

Hunt the rough stuff smart and you'll get your bull. Getting it out will be bugger. Physical conditioning will make or break the hunt.

T Bone
Go to the web site that Ithaca gave you and find the phone nr for the Salmon Regional Office and call Greg Painter. He is the guy that I have talked to several times. Always been helpful in providing any information that I have wanted.

There is a Forest Service Office in North Fork, ID and the folks there bend over backward to help with anything they can.

When I talked to Greg last summer about the elk he told me that the bull/cow ratio "in the area" is roughly 15 bulls per hundred cows which is pretty good.

Good luck with your hunt

Here is a phone nr. for the Salmon District Ranger in Salmon, ID: (208) 756-3724.

I can't lay my hands on all of my research notes right now so I don't know whom I talked to there or at the North Fork office.
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