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Idaho Elk Poacher Nabbed


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Oct 22, 2003
Glasgow, Montana
Idaho Falls, ID

Date: April 27, 2004
Contact: Gregg Losinski
(208) 525-7290

DNA Analysis - Home Video Help Catch Elk Poacher

IDAHO FALLS - Just like the person who never throws anything away because, "You never know when you might need it!", today's conservation officers have learned to always collect DNA samples from suspicious wildlife incidents. This stored DNA can then be compared to DNA samples collected from other suspicious incidents, even if years have passed. Thanks to a home video, Senior Conservation Officer Lew Huddleston was able to put all the pieces together to solve the case of a trophy bull elk poached in the Medicine Lodge area back in December of 2001.
Officer Huddleston had received a report of about a headless elk carcass that had been found, upon investigation he found that the animal had indeed been shot, but that the bullet had passed through and was not available as evidence. In order to create a potential link for future investigations, Huddleston took a tissue sample from the carcass to have the animal's specific DNA charted. This information would prove vital as events unfolded.

In the November of 2002, a Clark County resident Lynn Tomlinson was showing off a large 6 x 8 elk rack that he reported to have shot in Montana with a Montana elk tag. The problem was that another local sportsman had shot video back in September of 2001 of a large elk along Crooked Creek in Clark County that was very distinctive and looked identical to the rack that Tomlinson had said came from Montana. With this information a warrant was obtained and the antlers seized. Samples from the antlers were sent off to IDFG's lab in Boise and came back as an exact DNA match with the headless carcass found in Idaho back in December of 2001.

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Sucks to be a dirt bag. How come poachers always have to be showoffs.
That is great news, thanks for the info, and it sure makes it more valuable than ever to try and get athorities to a kill site of this nature as soon as possible. I found a headless carcus in Washington below Peoh Point out of Cle Elem about 15 years ago, the warden looked and took pics, but said there wasn't much he could do....
They need to string these people up and make a public display of their mangled bodies....
It is one thing if you are subsistance hunting, it is yet another to be stealing animals for pleasure... :mad:
I called up the local game officer this year and gave him a tip on a big bull. Hopefully something will come of it. I turned in a couple guys loading a buck into their truck once. The sherrif deputy went to the guys house and found his freshly washed truck and no deer. They dropped the investigation. I understand it takes work and effort to enforce the laws, but I think some officers aren't trying hard enough.

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