Idaho Archery Elk and Deer


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Feb 11, 2004
I was in the same area I took my antelope when we had a little success on other animals. I took my lope on the 29th. My dad took his deer on the 30th and Steve took his bull on the 31st. It wasn't to bad of a trip except we had to cut it short because of the heat and the chance of spoilage.

My dad took this buck at 50 yards. The first shot missed but the second connected. Little 2X3 in velvet.

Steve, a guy that my dad fishes with has been hunting with us for 3 years and he finally took a big game animal with his bow. Since I drew an elk tag for November and had problems getting a Non-res left-over elk tag I went out in hopes of getting Steve his first animal with a bow. It was hard going for the first day as we had yet to see an elk while the season had been open. We headed up to place that usually holds elk and setup to call. Nothing at the first stop so we went to a place I like to glass. After messing around with the camera and calling a bit, we spotted a lone cow and spike on a ridge looking for all the calls.

I let Steve now that we had a good chance at calling them in. We headed towards them and I let out a couple calls. He started down in a hurry.

We hoofed it to a spot to intercept them when he came out at 60 yards. The picture was taken from my video camera so it isn't very good.

We needed him to come 20 yards closer for a better shot but ended up getting busted by the cow that was only 40 yards out. I started calling to calm them down and see if they would come back. After 3 minutes of calling I look over to my left and here comes another spike. He walks up to 30 yards and stands behind a big clump of trees. Finally after 5 minutes he walks out and stops at 40 yards. Steve shoots and hits a limb between the bull and him. I hit him fast with a cow call and he stops. Steve shots again and grazes the bulls leg. I take chase and call the bull back again for a broad side 30 yard shot. Video cam pic again.

I turn around to see Steve still 20 yards behind me. I wave him over and say some choice words when he finally gets draws on him. The bull is slowly turning to leave and Steve shoots. He hits him right along the spin a little far back. We wait 2 hours and find the bull 150 yards from where he hit him the second time. I was happy for Steve as he has worked his arse off for an animal. It was funny as Steve would have shot any animal he could and to take an elk with "nuts", his words, he couldn't have been more happier.

After he hit the bull we went back to the where he had shot the first arrow. I started calling in hopes of calming the bull he had hit. After 15 minutes I look up and see a 5 point bull standing in the same place the spike was. With a dead video camera I tried getting a still picture of him when he ran off. Oh, well nothing like educating the bull for the next hunter.