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  • That really sucks about Gilberto. Bad bad. Glad you are enjoying it back in the field. It was always better when it was fun. I heard that Brad took over, I hope it's going as well as I think he could do. I always liked Brad. Pigs everywhere. Invasive species but almost no public land. Everyone thinks I should pay 1000$ to shoot a gun on their land. Hate that part about here. I miss mountains more than I thought I could. And wapiti.
    But a second due in November. Keeping with some tradition... ALL girls.
    I gotcha now! I am in Martinique, I make more $$$$ in the field so I finaly asked for a demotion. This is my first project back in the field, loving it.
    Gilberto Soto fell off a wall a few months back and broke his back, paralyzed from the waist down. Tragic, tragic event. He unhooked his lanyard and got out of the basket to work at 10' off the ground. I feel very bad for him. David Adams quit, Bradley Bateman took over. How are you doing, any piggies getting grilled?
    I'm gonna need more info before I give you my banking information and ssn. Have I won a couple billion dollars from a Nigerian king?
    Thanks for the information! I will pass it on to my brother and have him call your boy directly. Is your boy in Idaho Falls or Blackfoot or somewhere in that area? I am sure my brother will get all the details when he calls but I was just curious is all.

    Thanks again for the info.

    Mr. Clegg,

    I have a few questions for you regarding your lineage. My grandma was a Clegg, Arvilla to be exact. She married my grandpa, Dale A. Evans, and lived in Malad for many, many years. Is there a chance you are related to my Grandma Arvilla Evans? She also had a sister in Malad, Bertha Hess. I am not good with the genealogy thing but I figured I would throw it out there!

    Anyway, on to the real question! My brother lives in Downey and could possibly take your boy up on the head cleaning thing. He has a bunch of other stuff he wants cleaned like a coyote, skunk (maybe your boy doesn't want to go there) and a few muley's he has in his shed. Would he be willing to work out a deal with my little brother by chance? Send me your boy's info and I will talk with my brother. He works in Pocatello nearly every day so driving to Idaho Falls or Blackfoot wouldn't be that far out of the way.

    Thanks in advance for the help and information!

    Best regards,

    Willie J. Evans
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