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I went hunting 11/9


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Dec 25, 2000
This was the opener for our area. Trying a new lake, because it's closer to the house and hospital, incase the wife calls and the baby is coming early.

Leave the house at 3:30 thinking that I will surely get the best spot. At the ramp at 4:30 to the best spot at 4:15 and someone is already there. Damn I hate opening day. Check the GPS and start searching for back up spots. Decide to set up out in the middle of the cove and hunt divers. There is no telling if some Barney will set up 100 yards from me.

Get the deeks out and find out that a wing is busted on the spinner decoy. Won't be able to use it until I get a new wing.

At first light there is freakin people everywhere. From where I sit in the cove I can see 6 spreads. Most with spinners 1 guy has three spinners. I never fired a shot until 8 a.m. Everything is on a string to the guy with all the spinners. The ducks don't even look at my spread.

I know things will change as the morning wears on. There is a raft of coots and good ducks at my back that number about 2000 to 3000. Finally at 8:00 a.m. some of the ducks stop feeding and start heading back out to the raft to set up for the day. I am getting a few passing shots at a way off and it is obvious that I can't hit my ass this morning. I am still not on track with the new shot gun. I am kind of nervous about IDing ducks before I shoot. There are canvas backs every where, and I have almost shot seveal of them at close range. I accidentally let a few red heads and scaup go, because I wasn't sure what they were until it was to late. Finally around 9:00 two teal come in and I drop both of them. When I troll over to pick them up, one is floating with a hole through it's head and the other one is now where to be found. I guess it dove down into the hydrilla and died.

I have never been in a situation like this before where the ducks show absolutely no interst in my spread. It is obvious that the only shots I am getting are ducks that are headed to the raft 400 yards behind me. I am going to have to rethink this one. 50 decoys are not going to compete with several thousand.

While I am picking up the decoys with the blind down and everything my best shot opportunity of the day presents itself. 6 bluebill fly right over 20 yards high headed to the raft and never see me. I ran to the other end of the boat got my gun and unloaded it at them. This further adds insult to injury. Not only did they not see are care about my spread, but then I blow a cake shot.

There are definitely plenty of ducks to hunt at this lake, but I am going to have to go back to the drawing board on how to hunt them. I think I will try an evening hunt during the week next time.

Yes I had fun that day. Anytime I am seeing lots of birds and getting to do some shooting, it's a good day. I know that if I learn how to hunt that lake I can kill a lot more birds.
Dale that story was great, like a Beatle Bailey cartoon. :D

If you had a good time that is all that matters. Let us know how you make out on the evening hunt. ;)
Way to go Dale. Being out there is the biggest part of the hunt any way, the kill is only the icing on the cake... :D :D :D
LOL BUD!!!! We've had alot of luck duck hunting at first.. and now it's slowing down... KINDA Revers from you !!!

HAVE you been out since ? HOW has it been going ?
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