I was attacked by a buck this weekend!!!!!


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Aug 22, 2002
I took a walk down to check how my foodplot was comeing along. I just reseeded it so its only just sprouting. So here i am standing in the middle of a 4 acre field when i here this odd noise. It was like a bird , real soft and like a cat meow almost. i hear footsteps in the dirt behind me and when i turned around here comes this tiny fawn running right at me!!. It gets to about 10 feet, stops and looks at me with its mouth open panting like crazy. I made a doe bleat real soft and the little guy ran right up to me and i swear to god it sniffed my leg!! Then it ran off 5 feet and stared at me. I tried to call it back again and this time it ran back into the woods. I was totally dumbfounded! i stood there when it came at me and i couldnt do anything because it was so off the wall i was in shock.. I could see 2 little nubs about as big as chocolate chips on his head.
I think i spooked his mom off the field when i got down there because there were 2 does there. He must have thought he was getting left behind and was in a panic. I never had a fawn do that before in the wild.
I was thinking about taking my camera down there to take a few pictures but decided to leave it behind, what a mistake.

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That's a neat sound. It's called a fawn bleat... It works well if you can imitate it to call bucks and even works for bears...

It was different than what i heard in the past. maybe just because he was winded. Usually i hear doe and fawn bleets that sound like lambs, but this one was more like
Heeer Heeer rather than the usual blaaat if that makes any sence
It is really fun when animals do things that are out of the normal and you get to witness them...That is a great story!!!Thanks...
Thats COOL!

Have you ever noticed the really cool stuff always happens when you DECIDED NOT to bring the camera. It never happens when you just forget the camera though

What did you plant?
Byt "FOOD PLOT" he meant "FOOL's POT", It was his Duby gwowing, that's why the deer came right up to him

Schmalts, TAKE a camera next time bud, Awsome story !!!
What a cool story schmalts. I would have been tempted to reach down and pet the deer. Wish there was some pictures to go with the story. lol
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Ya moosie i got it all figured out. I can smoke a little of my special food plot before i get in the treestand so i can have the patients to sit still for hours and days on end, until mr big walks by.

It also makes the deer a little more relaxed, usually, but some get a little more paranoid. Even worse, some get the munchies from eating it and just end up staying in there eating until they explode!!