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Hydration Systems


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
This year will be my first year using a hydratrion system. LB got me a Camelback with all sorts of compartments and pockets and holds 100 ounces of fluid.

How many use one of the hydration systems rather than a canteen or bottles of water?

Are there any special requirements one needs to keep in mind?

Which one do you use?

How much fluid is enough?
ElkHunter I have 3 CamelBaks and love em all.

Couple of hints. Always refill your bladder out of the pack even if you have to empty the pack contents in order to get the full bladder back in. Mark my words you will eventually screw up and fill your pack with water instead. Buy the bite-valve with the on-off lever. Sometimes regular bite-valves will unclip and get tangled in your clothes and leak down your leg.

In between uses ALWAYS empty the bladder and blow out the hose(no pun) then stuff a couple of paper towels inside and store with the cap off.

They're a great invention. You can drink on the go and since the bladder collapses as it empties no annoying sloshing on a stalk.

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Thanks for the hints Erik. I have not tried it yet and will try it when I start riding this summer. Is the paper towels for drying it or holding it open for air flow or both? I will look for the on/off lever bite valve. Good point. Any other hints are more than welcome.
Paper towel absorbs water, allows air flow, prevents mildew and prevents the plastic from sticking to itself especially if in long term or hot climate storage. My garage (where I kept all my outdoors stuff) when I lived in Idaho would get 120 degrees if I forgot to open a window. I fused 1 bladder to itself that way.
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