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HUNTING IDAHO 2002........


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Here is the Idaho fish and game Website... ALL the info ya ever need is there....

Here is the LINK to the leftover tags.......

There is ALways deer tags available.... usually elk tags till during the season.....

I'm not offering my service.... but is anyone planning to hunt Idaho this year ?!?!?

And if so, were at? I think Mr. Roadtrip is, and I'll go out of my way to hook up with him since we missed this year, but will like to schedule anyone else that is swinging close by...... At least for a beer or two :D :D
Okay Moosie. I saved the site. Maybe in 2003 I will do a little meandering towards Idaho.
From what I read there Idaho pretty much has it all! At a reasonable price also. With the tags and permits going up all over there are not many econimical options left.
Then you have California and Washington stopping so much of the hunting/trapping lately. So Idaho looks real good in my book. Besides with all the people here that live there I can get a little advice that would be pretty accurate. :D
Hey Moosie,
I've got a lifetime resident Idaho license! While I was there I picked up lifetime licenses for the two boys. Years of fun!

We'll be showing up in Boise mid Feb to have the baby, I'll bring you Nevada information then. If everything goes well I may try to go steelheading. I'll be in contact with you.

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T-bone... Sounds like a plan.... I slipped out trwice this year duck hunting already.. VICK want's to know when the hunting season ends
HA HA !!!!!!

ANYWAYS.. I might pass on the fishing..... If it involves time off... LET us know what room you're in.. We'll swing by toi check out the little one !!!
Well, if you ain't offering a fully-guided hunt, I ain't coming! :mad:
DS.... BRING your horses.... BRING a outfitters tent.. BRING the food and GIVE me a big tip.... AND I'll be your outfitter... :D :D

HAha.... ;)
Moosie, I'd be careful asking DS for a big tip, if he gets an elk, he might just slip ya the whole thing :eek:
Dan! :D :D :D

Moosie, I don't go anywhere without all my gear!........but you would have to let me copy and print maps of the hunt area and send them all over the country! :eek: ......that way, when you go back the next year and get shut out, you can whine it's because ol' DS gave away your "secret spot"........we both win that way! :cool:'d have your excuse in case you sucked, and I would get rich in the mapping business! :D
I am gonna try to hunt in ID this year. I hear that Moosie tags are over the counter, even though the herd is small. Not too many are big enough to warrant a proper mounting!!! :D Must be all the cold water that keeps 'em small!! :eek:

You know I'm coming back! Coming for the Sept 15 hunt, same as last year. Same area...using same outfitter to pack us in. However, 2 guys dropped out on us so I'm working on rounding up a couple of more...

Hey Moosie,
My first time on your boards. I've been reading your posts since you popped up on MM-pretty entertaining stuff!

I would like to try Idaho for deer some year, but can't get my buddies to get in on it. I live in Washington and do alright here, but I would like to check out new areas. Idaho has always interested me, I'll have to check into the info. :D
Good huntin'!
Buckhole.... Been busy, Sorry for the Delay in posting.... HAHA Another MM poster ;)

ANYWAYS, LEt me know if you head to Idaho, I'm no Trophy hunter.... But I've been afield once or twice :D :D
Moosie (or anyone with seperior knowledge :rolleyes: ),

I have thought about applying for a deer tag in ID. My question is, if I apply for one of the better units and don't draw, do I get a check back or do I automatically get a general tag?

On another note, I will be in Idaho next month after a 32 year hiatus. I am spending a week in Jerome for some training and was wondering if there are are any must see/do things while there? Thanks for the info.
WEll........ TELL ya what.. Jerome is only 2 hours from here...... Idaho RON is over id Twin (I think) which is like 15 mins from there...... I'd be willing to drive over And do Dinner with ya if Ya wanted ?!?!? JSut a thought.. Lemme know. MY Cell is (208)571-1ELK or shoot me off an E-mail !!!

About the Deer tags, I'm pretty sure you don't just "GET" one if ya don't draw on a tag. At least residents don't. YOU then can BUY a deer tag. THEY have had Extra deer tags (BUCKS) left over to buy for NON resident "OVER THE COUNTER ONES" by the THOUSANDS every year for the PAst several years.... SO the worry about not getting a Resident tag is NULL, Zippo NADA... THERE will always be a tag.. (Maybe no deer) BUTR Always a tag :D :D
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