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Jan 13, 2002
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Here's a picture of Tony's (Hunterman) buck that he shot in 1990. I'll let him fill in the details on it. It's a nice buck though, way to go Tony!!

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Flipper, complain to Quick Draw. She is the one who sent me the picture.
The pic is half the size of the orginal picture. If I was to send it at the normal size it wouldn't hae work. I'll have my dad fill in all the details about the deer either tonight or when he gets a chance to.
Qiuck Draw
Nice buck, is that a Washington buck, He must of just woke up from a nap and stepped out of the camper and the buck was standing right where he shot it. LOL
Hey sory about the delay, but my dad says that he's not a writer therefore he doesn't want to write the story. BLAH BLAH BLAH He wants me to erite but I wasn't there.
All I know is that the deer was on a hill side, and my dad shot him in the throat, with his best buddy.
Quick Draw
Thanks for snitching me off Quick Draw,,remember that Wy. elk hunt is comming up

Alright folks here is the whole story..

Took a real good freind up to the family hunting area and killed a big deer
No?? Damn I thought that I'd get off easy

Iron Creek, Wa. 1990..Late October..

Its been 8 years since my dad and I hunted this area..

1982 was the year my dad killed the biggest deer in his life, and the largest deer that I have ever seen...

The shot--500 plus yards( The farthest shot I've ever seen taken).
The Rifle--.240 Weatherby Mag..
Reaction--What the hell are you shooting at??
and NO lungs..( I know because I cleaned him out)
It took 5 and a half hours to drag him out to the trail head.( Dad thought it would be a good idea to drag him down the draw,,,MY ASS)

Dad died 5 years later in 1987 That was our last hunt together...

I talked a real good friend of mine to make a trip to Iron Creek with me for a mule deer hunt..The hunt was to give my dad the send off that he and I talked about before he died of cancer...This trip was to be my way to mourn his death..Thats why it hard to put it down in words..

Day 1..I took Brian to the spot that dad killed his buck 8 years earlier..I did not plan to hunt that day, thats why I took the pint of Jack Black with me, and not the .240...
Brian and I toasted dad until that pint was gone, then buried the bottle on the spot that I gutted dads deer...The rest of the day was kind of a blurr

Day 2...Morning found us above the box canyon watching some does feeding in hopes that a buck might want to join them..No such luck..We worked our way up to the Teanaway Ridge trail and worked our way back down to camp...This gave Brian a good look at the area we hunt.. He only got lost 3 times( He is the kind of person that never gets lost..He still carries the compass that I gave him on that trip)

Day 3&4..Turned out the same except when lunch time came around, I thought the Cup-o-noodles was spoiled, and the out-house started to smell better
BATH TIME..The creek will never be the same...That afternoon I saw the buck on a far ridge about 800 yards with 6 does..The deer were moving in my direction, and I was ready..I figured they would hit the saddle at about 250 yards,at that time Mr. Buck would meet his maker..At 475 yards, I caught movement on the next ridge..Another hunter, and he was moving fast..The next thing I hear is this bone head falling down the slide, and the deer going over the top..When I got back to camp that night, I told Brian what happened..I wonder if that hunter got hurt in his fall..Iron Creek in super steep..

Day 5 Sunday October 28,1990...We woke up to the sound of interstate 5 going to the top of the box cayon..We figured we would hunt low and let these folks move the deer to us..The frost was thick and the walking was loud..
We started our way up this little trail that led to where draws come together..Just as we got to the spot I was going to put Brian, when I heard some rocks falling..I figured Brian just took a header..The last time I looked at him, he was 30yard behind me, but when I turned around he was in my back pocket with this WHAT?? look on his face..When I turned back around I saw him coming and told Brian "HERE HE COMES AND HES BIG"..
The buck came across the draw and to the top of this little ridge and stoped about 100 yards up hill of us..I don't think he knew we were there, for when he stopped and looked at us he had this look of total shock on his face..I was waiting for Brian to shoot,( we had a deal,,if we were together and the deer was over 200 yards I'd shoot him,under 200 it was Brians)when he told me,you saw him you shoot him..So I did..One shot in the neck..Dead deer..Brian stood there shaking his head and looking at me.."Don't you know how to shoot any place but the damn head and neck?? Yeah, but why I told him...
After we field dressed him Brian said he would drag him back to camp..I smiled and didn't argue..We killed this buck a 7:30 in the morning, we got him down to the main trail around 10:00,,To the burm(where the tail starts) about 2:00,and camp by 2:30.(Brian walked back to camp and got the truck..He never has offered to drag any more of my deer)

This is the biggest deer that I ever killed, and the kicker is this..My deer was killed in the same canyon, with the same rifle as my dads 8 years earlier...These are the only heads that I have mounted..

After being hounded by friends and brothers I took both heads to the outdoor show at the fair grounds to get them scored..In 1994 they both scored the number 11th and 12th bucks in the state, and for $50.00 each I could have them put in the book...Lady Nutcracker said do it,,I just took them home and put them back on the wall...

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