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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
It is required in some states and some it is not.

Do you wear blaze orange for safety?

Do you wear blaze orange because it is required?

Who wears blaze orange?

I wear an orange hat. In Wyoming, one article of clothing must be in blaze orange. I would wear this even if it wasn't a requirement of the state.
If bow hunting or turkey hunting, no hunter orange for me.

Rifle hunts, and upland birds, I usually wear at least a hat and/or vest.

Orange is not required in the states I hunt, Idaho and Nevada.
When required by the regulations. Of course I do. ;)

The only other time I usually have it is when moving during spring turkey hunting. I also attempt to have it out when I am hunting with the boys at various times.
Here in Washington we have to weare hunter orange while hunting Deer and Elk during rifle season.The required amount is 400 square inches.I normally wear my blaze camo coat with my orange pack aswell.
I think I would wear it if it wasnt required just for safety reasons now if no one was around me in the woods I probably wouldnt wear it.

Colorado big game hunters are requird to wear 500 square inches of fluorescent orange and this must include a hat.

All my clothing above the waist is blaze orange when I'm hunting big game because it's safer.



Hanging on that tree in the background is an orange coat draped over an orange daypack.

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I wear an orange thong. With the size of my package that usually takes care of the 250 square inches required by law. :D
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Doug:
I wear an orange thong. With the size of my package that usually takes care of the 250 square inches required by law. <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hey Doug....Doug....Dougggggg.....WAKE UP you are dreaming again
I have been shot twice. Once while dove hunting and once in my owen back yard by some fool shooting over the horizon. So I wear it any time I hunt during gun season. Archery is another matter Cammo only.
ZZZZZZZZZZZZ Let me have my dreams.
After seeing the buck that AZ402 brought home from Mexico, I think I will be dreaming of deer hunting for awhile.

I have an orange stocking cap that keeps my head and ears warm. I wear that anytime I'm hunting.. Only becuase it keeps me warm.. Not because it makes a nice target..

I dont wear it... I have hunted a few states that requier it and only where it when there is people around.....Or I just where a hat.

When I take my kids hunting, no mater what I am hunting I make them wear it, mainly cause if they get lost I can find them easier,

in florida we have to wear orange anytime we are hunting deer with any type of gun on public land only. it is requested when hunting anything else and on private land but not required.

any time my kids are in the woods i make them wear it and i do to if only to lead by example.if im bird or squirrel hunting without kids i usually dont wear it.
Nice picture and nice elk you added there KC.

I also wear an orange hooded sweatshirt for the ride in on the horse in the morning. Keeps me head and ears warm. Once I start on foot the sweatshirt gets tied on the horse. My orange hat stays with me.

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