how many deer

I got 2 does
LittleNut got a button buck
TE got a 10 pointer(5x5) and a button buck

I also had 1 miss
SR had 3 misses
TE lost 1 doe and had 2 misses
LN had a couple of chances where the gun didnt get pointed because he was so busy watching instead of shooting.
I ended up with 6 deer, three bucks and three does. One doe tag went unfilled.
A Button Buck which i thought was a doe and 2 does
all with a rifle and i also had several misses which were my fault but i learnt my lesson so what more can i ask :(
Didn't even hunt deer last year :( I had to save up all my pennys to hunt elk in Wyoming :D All of one and a half days :rolleyes: I sure missed my rifle :(

Tighten up guys!

I "caught" 9 and not one buck in the bunch.
My P&Y buck busted me in a ground blind @ 12yds
I'm still bummed about that one. I passed on 13 bucks while bowhunting to get a try at that joker.
So I picked the rifle back up and got MAD at them!
We still came up a little short on filling the doe permits overall though.

I had a successful season though because I put my young hunter on 2 mature bucks. He ended up missing both bot got a couple of does and some HUGE catfish. That was pretty much my luck used up for deerseason. I cant wait to host another youth next year !
JB does 35 count as a youth? you seem to have a great spot every year you kill a slew of deer.
Zero! I had my chances though so I won't complain too much. Just too much waiting for the big one, oops. I did pass on a whitetail that I think would have scoed in the 140's or so. Once I realized what I'd done it was too late.
Nah, the youth thing is from HUNT OF A LIFETIME.
Its for kids under 18 that have a life threatening disease. If you know someone that fits, sign them up!
On the numbers of deer, We just have way too many deer in that county. We do our best to keep it sightings to 2 does per buck but the does migrate over from other properties because of the good habitat we have and most folks around us will shoot ANY buck thats legal (bone above the hairline).

Bummer Tone, the odds of a second chance on a mature buck in the same season go WAY down!
IMO. Get him next season!
actually a kid in my club has lukemia, i got the paperwork for him at the pennsylvania farm show and his dad filled it out. that is really a great organization, kudos to you for being a part of it.
I didn't shoot a deer this year either. I shot AT an elk in Wyoming though, but missed. The year before I got one though...LOL :D
Quick Draw
One she-deer with the bow, lots of pictures, too lazy to kill does this year and too much meat still in the freezer.
that because you live in arizona Larry. while they dont have once in a lifetime hunts it sure seems like it. sorry you didnt get one.