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How long does it take you to gut a deer?


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Mar 25, 2001
Northwestern PA
Whitetail or the lowly mule deer,

I would say it takes me no longer then 5 minutes. Nut can verify that.

It probably takes me about 10 minutes to do a mule deer. More like 15 minutes to do an elk. :D

I am pretty strange and sometimes I will time myself. Usually get the job done in less than 5 minutes. I bought one of those $10 pelvis saws and buzz through that part fairly quickly. Seems everyone does the pelvis differently, but this works best for me.

A buddy of mine does the same thing, cuts through that bone. I never do. I cut the intestine, tie it in a knot and push it out the back side, then cut it off. I don't like to open the deer up to wide so as not to get any dirt inside.

Not to say cutting the bone is wrong, it's just that I didn't learn that way.

When I watch my buddy gut a deer it all but sickens me. Not fron the odor or anything like that, it's just that it takes him forever, lol. He picks at all the insides with his knife. I once told him, get your hands in there, pull the inards out. I want to get home in time for dinner - it was 8am, LMAO (Nut knows who I am talking about, lol)

About 10 years ago, doe hunting with some buddys one buddy killed a little doe (dressed at 46 lbs). He gut shot it on the run, we were driving squares so almost all shots were at running deer. I was one of the "standers" for that drive. After the "drive" was over my buddy is the only one that saw and killed a deer. I stayed to help him drag it out - like a guy needs help to drag a 46lb deer, lol. Anyhow, It was just about noon time and I was hungry (nothing new there) so my buddy turned the deer on it's back as I stood on both of it's hind legs. As he was gutting the deer I was eating a sandwich and drinking a soda. He gut shot the deer so it did smell a bit. He was on his knee's gagging as I was eating, lol. He turned, looked up at me and asked: How in the hell can you eat? I said: Simple, take a bite, chew and swallow. LMAO
He didn't pull the lungs out because he was gagging so bad. He didn't loose his cookies but he came close, lol.

I've had to help dress hogs that were gut shot and man, do they stink! It'll make me gag, too. :(

I don't usually cut through the pelvis on something like a deer. I do the same thing - cut around the anus, tie a knot in the intestine, etc. I find I can do a deer in just a few minutes usually, by cutting at the high end of the windpipe, cutting the diaphram free, tying off the intestines and pretty much dumping it all out, with some little "freeing" cuts to help it along.
It takes me about 5 to 10 min. to clean one but can take longer if the young ones are around, they like to ask alot of questions even if they have seen it 100 times. :D
I never actually timed myself.....5 min sounds about right for mature deer but those fawns gut right nice,i can gut a fawn and wipe the milk off their chin in less then three mins(wanna race?).
snipe,if ya got young ones around....why are you gutting the deer? :cool: ....JB

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I don't know that I've ever guttet a deer.... WELL.. NOt just gutting a deer. Usually they get Deboned out in the field. BUT, WITH all the talking we do and playing around, I'd say 1/2 hour.

From start to finish last year we deboned an Elk/gutted it in 1.5 hours. THATS been the only time we looked a the clock.

WHEN I was in New Zealand. those gusy did it it 2 swoops. one from the anus to the brinkit, then got the knife inside and cut/yanked the inners out... DEFINETLY betterthe I do. and an 1/8 the time

I grew up on a farm and we raised and butchered our own hogs - about 400 a year. I was elected to help out at about age 10. I now absolutely, positively refuse to gut a hog,

Good question JB , every time I volunteer one of them they freak out . the only one that will do it is my 11yr. old he takes about 45min. to a Hr. to do one. not to bad for a young one still needs alittle help :D
Five min. if I don't fool around, twenty if I do.

Hey Shakey, have you ever gutted a Mulie ?
It takes longer, cause they have much bigger balls, aint no wimpy,corn-fed eastern deer.
Hides tougher, antlers are bigger, generaly a much better trophy !!!!
I have never timed myself either,but I do know im faster then Steve.
He usually leaves to get the pack frames while I gut it,cut it in half & get it ready for the pack out.
I have to admit his looks better when he's done,but im with Shaky-lets get it done and get out of there.
Steve looks like he'e getting ready for surgery.
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