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How do you to Judge deer ?


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
What do ya look for ?

Some people just see some bone, Be it 3" or a fork or whatever and pull the trigger..

Still others look at the Head, ear's, and if the Buck is at least that wide.

Others look for trash or ones Being perfectly Cymetrical.....

Some just shoot does (But this is more about bucks, Sorry)

Anyways... What do you look for in a BUCK ?
For me I like deer with width. After that criteria I look for deep forks, symmetry and a bit of mass. I try to stay away from deer with trash points.
DeerKing, WHAT ? NOT TRASH ?!?!

Humm/.... I might not go hunting with you ever
Well, I guess I could shoot the Trashy ones and leave the Wide ones to you. I used to have a friend like you in School. I'd like the Trashy ones, And he'd like the Wide ones

On a Serious note, I end up shooting in the last few Years anything with 4 points or more... This coming year is The year for Width.. I'd shooting something over 10"s !!!
I like the wide ones to when I can find them.........ahh, you guys DO know I am talking about bucks right LOL

I use the ears as a judge for width. A nice whitetail buck's ears average about 16" wide. I like to see some space betwen the ends of the ears and the beams. Add some mass and tine length...........

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Trash, I love trash. Something DK and I disagree on. The more trash the better. Add some heavy bladey mass, height, deep forks, and a dropper or two and you've got my cream, I mean, dream buck.
It is all about the body weight. It doesn't matter how many horns are on the critter, but if you can tell people it weight 280 lbs, you gots yourself a trophy. And if you don't believe me, look at all the posts at RealTight, as they all tell the weight of the animal...
I just look for anything bigger than Ive shot before....

If I had my choice....I'd go for a wide buck wtih deep forks and lots of mass!! Although, I think NT are cool, my dream would be a perfectly symetrical typical, between 185-195.

I can dream cant I!!
I judge them innocent until proven guilty. If they put up a fight when i detain them for thier trial they will be shot.
I don't really know how I judge when the heat is on; it's kind of a quick glance assessment thing. (Where I hunt you don't usually have time to glass and consider due to terrain and brush...it's usually decision time from the moment you see the deer.) I think I look at height first, then mass and color. The number of points is usually little more than a general guess while I make my decision; I investigate that more thoroughly later, after shooting or passing. I've always wanted to shoot a buck with chocolate or maple colored antlers. Don't know why, but there you go.
I judge em guilty, and sentence them to death. I usually don't let buck walk unless I can see a better one behind him. We are not limited to one buck like a lot of you guys. I can kill 4 buck a year,in every zone I hunt. Plus 2 buck in the statewide. I ain greedy. I only hunt 2 zones so I can kill 10 buck. I don't shoot little doe. Just mature doe. But my theory is pretty much brown and down

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Guilty....THATS FUNNY!

I look for 20" of vertical antler that will get me to P&Y..
an example is:
g-1 = 3"
g-2 = 10"
g-3 = 7"
hopefully it has g-4s (i'm in bama after all)

The bases need to be about the diameter of the eye. The body weight here for a 3.5 year old is 180# so anything that size or bigger should be approaching GUILTY

Now if we are talking elk, I look for the smallest non typical I can find
I use the rare STSS (Smalls Trophy Scoring System). This system is a function of the buck's testicle size (the best part of a deer). To effectively use this system, a high degree of sneakiness is required, as pre-killing testicular judging (some of you may have participated in this contest in 4-H and FFA) is quite difficult. The STSS is heavily weighted on mass. There is deductions for lack of symmetry, but everyone knows the right guy is bigger than the left a little bit. And trash is unnacceptable as it indicates a sickly nut. The only height measurement taken is the distance between the ground and the bottom of the lower nut. This measurement is being debated since it is giving credit to empty space and may be eliminated next year. A spread measurement is taken, but cannot exceed the girth of the smallest teste. If spread is greater than the smallest teste,the girth of the smallest teste will be used in the net calculation of the STSS score. (But as you know, who cares about net score, it is all about the gross)

This my friends is how I judge a deer.

PS- This system is applicable for dual testicled mammals. And there is a rumor that someone on this sight has a trophy pair of MOOSE balls, but that has yet to be confirmed.
It's a good thing fore me, that DK likes em' nice and clean!!!

Cause, I don't mind pickin up the trashy, seconds!
Smalls that is great. Is it sanctioned world for record measurements yet. If B&C is for gun, and P& Y is for archerey. What is the STSS used for.
I admit I look for tine length and width, but I'm a sucker for MASS. When I see a buck that may be a little short on tine length but has incredible mass.....he better hide...or at least run out of bow range.

BOHNTR )))------------->
Another little known method used by many is:
All Terrain Vehicle Distance From Trail Method

Or were we talking antler size?
I've been hunting private property (4 different places) for the last 15 years.
For me, it's about sizing up the animals that are there (via scouting, preseason and during) and trying to go for the most mature buck on the property.
Here we don't have a lot of record size bucks and your always hard pressed to find something of that caliber.
I have shot many 2x2's that were old mature genetic 2x2's and very worthy to be called a trophy.
Hard little boogers to hunt too ...LOL



Just an example of what I try to find, where I hunt. These blacktails are very elusive.

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Nice Blackeys!I have a good buddy that spends tons of time hunting those little buggers and he has taken some huge ones. He certainly feels that a trophy blackey is the hardest deer species to hunt in the province. And this guy has taken some huge whiteys and muleys as well. This guy is also a cougar hunting nut. He was the hound guy that helped the CO's catch that cat in the Empress several years back.