HORNS or ANTLERS "stole from another forum"


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
OK ... I was on another forum and did another cut/paste


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> i'm sick and tired of all the people that call antlers "horns", i makes me sick. what are they called? people talk about their rattling "horns", true sportsmen call 'em what they are. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>DO you call the game were they kick the ball into the net SOCCER or FOOT BALL ?!?!?!
Becasue Technically it's called FOOT BALL..... SO let people call the horns what they want and STOP your SNIVILING.......

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NOW I want to hear your THOUGHTS .......
I pay no never mind to it. I know what they are referring to and sometimes it just sounds better to call them horns. So I could care less what they call them.
I feel his pain!......although it doesnt matter to me what someone calls the bones on a deer,s head.....i call them horns and sometimes i call them antlers.....ya want to know what bothers me? well ok,i'll tell ya!

it really bothers me to see someone wearing another mans name on their self....it dont matter if its on a hat or a shirt....its just plain wrong!.....dont they have any pride?...dont they have any self-worth?...what the hell is the matter with people?........:D......just because someone is a great baseball player doesnt mean you should be-little yourself by wearing their name like they are your hero!

......does anyone know where i can get a shirt with the name "green horn" on it?...i have seen the pics!the guys killed some great trophys!...but im not wearing his name on myself!.............................moosie,sorry for going off topic again but the wife and kids are out for the evening and i figured i could piss off someone on here!.:D


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"moosie,sorry for going off topic again but the wife and kids are out for the evening and i figured i could piss off someone on here!."

Well you aren't going to piss me off. I thought it was funny and I agree!

Don't really care if someone calls them horns or antlers. There's people that call the Carotid Artery the jugular vein too! Who cares?
The only time I really care is if someone is using the wrong terminology and I can't understand what they mean.


I have a SHIRT with a BULL and a pile of DUNG on it
... I'm sorry for using your name and logo...... Hopefully no hard feelings.... ;)
Antelope goats and cattle etc have horns deer have antlers....but then who gives a double **** about it,call em what you want i`m more interested nailing them to my wall than yapping about em.
As long as their big.........who cares what you call 'em! :D
Well we could call them racks. Or are we talking about weman? !!Uh! Oh no. Its animals head gear. Yes back on subject. Its animals head gear.....

:D :D :D :D
greenhorn should be greenantler or maybe greenman, but it sounds martian to me and that's not right either. What's he hunting now?
Tom, he's hunting elk, as if you really had to wonder. He's helping a friend look over some elk on a special permit late season hunt.
Yes Big Sky,.........and I would wager a weeks pay that he post a pic of a bull with huge @ss horns and antlers with a nice rack on it in a few days!!!!!!!