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Hordaday Interlock on elk?


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Dec 17, 2000
Littleton, CO, USA
I'd like to kill and elk this year with my .35 Rem lever gun. The Hornaday Interlock is the only roundnose bullet I have been able to find for reloading. The only bullets I've reloaded with to this point are Nosler Partitions.

I've worked up a load that I like with a 200 grn Hordaday Interlock roundnose. But, how does this bullet perform on big game like elk?
At .35 Rem velocitys it should be OK, just go for lung shots at 150 yds and under. Stay away from shoulder shots.
I have only used the Interlock once on a large deer in 30.06, 180 gr. This was the biggest buck I have ever shot and he was very big. I shot this deer twice. Once angled away and the bullet entered at the last rib and ended up in the off side shoulder bone. The second was as he crossed in front of me and it was straight across the ribs. It did not exit. Distance was inside 50 yds. Both bullets weighed right at 90 grains in a perfect mushroom.

I don't know how they would perform in 35 rem velocity, but there are many bullets now that would have exited that deer I shot. (this was back in the late 70's)

I think the Interlock will do well at the slower velocity of a 35 Rem. I also have one in a Rem pump and would love to whack an elk with it. I have wondered if it would'nt be a pretty good setup for creeping through the black timber.

Good luck.

I've killed three bulls with the .338 Mag. Hornady 225 gr. Interlok bullet, in front of 78 grs of Norma MRP. This of course has nothing to do with a .35 Rem., other than to note that the Hornady Interlok, is an elk killing machine... as long as you do your part.

Two of the bulls were one shot kills, with very good expansion of the bullet.

The third bull ws hit in the front of the brisket, due to my bad shooting just as he turned away. He stepped into the black timber before I could even come out of recoil.

We had to track him (thank God there were three or four inches of snow on the ground) for four hours. He was lying down when I saw him next, about 95/100 yards away, and one Interlok just behind the shoulder killed him.

That wounding was my fault, not the bullet's. I'll be using Hornady Interlok's again this elk season.