Holiday work scheldues


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
I am only going to have to work 2 1/2 days this week and 2 1/2 days the next one(But probably will end up 3 1/2 instead )

I also will be down to just 8 hours a day also.

What is your scheldue?
I'm working Mon,Tues, Wed, and Friday.

My wife leaves for 4 days on Friday so Next Sat/Sunday I'll be hiking in the Snow looking for some critters... Then back to work the NExt week for 4 days.
Same old schedule M-W, off Thursday (but on call as always
); Friday remains to be seen. It depends on what the news schedule's going to be.
I get my choice of the eves off. I will work the eve and take Friday off. Looks like snow in the forecast for W, T, F so may have to work. If it snows I hope it snows on Wed and will work late to have off Christmas.
Well looks like I am working Mon-Wed then thurs off and work probably 1/2 day friday then have the following week offit looks like, soooo I may get alittle steelheading in.The rivers are just starting to get hot up here.
I just have Thursday off. But I am really just starting my new role, after six months of sitting around and playing on the internet. Now I have tor emember what work is...
Last day at work was Dec.17th...go back to work on Jan.6th. What to do.....uh.....HUNT
I'm taking a half day off tomorrow and all day Xmas eve off as my mother and sister came out for the holiday. Pres. Bush gave us Friday off!
Next week I get Thurs off, but may take Wed and Fri off and make a run to CO to play in the snow in Avon.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Pres. Bush gave us Friday off! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
I am never going to use all of my annual leave if he continues giving extra days off.

I am off all this week and M,Th, F next week.

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holiday shutdown here at Harley, closed between the 24th and the 2nd of Jan.
Ice fishing here i come! And chores around the house
Annual leave, what's that???

Are you in the use or lose category? I can't see how that could be AFTER hunting season.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Are you in the use or lose category? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Yep, I think I was at 300 hours when I left for AZ. Guess I will still have to take a few days when I get home next Monday.

I guess there are still some ducks nearby and ice fishing may take some time as well. or...
I guess I could just donate the time back to the gov't.
I know a few folks that do, but I have more important things to do then work.
My plant shuts down between x-mas and new years, Tuesday is my last day til the 5th of January all for 32 hrs of personal vacation!!
I have to work tomorrow and Wednesday, and then I am off until Jan 5th. That is almost two full weeks of free vacation time...and boy do I need it.
I am on standby case someone calls out.The cell phone doesn't ring in a tree. Gee, maybe if I turn it on, but then why would I do that?
Retired for almost 11 years,and now my old buddy wants me to help him turn around his "failing" machine shop.I told him after the new year i would check out his situation, but until then i`m retired.