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Nov 7, 2011
Bringing the fam to TX for a week at the end of March, planning to do a couple days in Austin and a couple in San Antonio. Need a recommendation for which hill country town we should stay in for a couple days and any must see places other than the popular touristy spots. Gracias!

Me and the wife stayed at a nice cabin once in Fredericksburg for a couple of days. There was a ton of stuff to see and do in the area enchanted rock was awesome. I'm certainly no expert on the Hill country though will be following along.
Fredericksburg, although it has grown up quite a bit in the last few years. Lots of breweries and German stuff to do. Very family friendly and easy to walk the main part of town.
Yes I love that part of the world and really hate to see how grown up it is LOL. My family roots go back to the settlement days there and the creek outside of Harper is named for a relative.
We ended up in the Hill country last winter dragging the Airstream around. There are a lot of nice parks, trails for hiking, neat country.
Don't forget to stop for an evening in Luckenback.


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Gruene Hall is not that far from there…check who’s playing….n check it out….lots of big names have been through there n it’s a very small venue…..well worth the trip if ur near…n on a side note, the front of the dance hall came from the little general store in Rio Medina TX where most all my family’s from
Some local will probably say I'm wrong but hit up "The Salt Lick" for BBQ while in and around Austin. Damn good.
Ok got the trip mapped out - Austin to SA (by way of New Braunfels) to Bandera County to Fredericksburg area and then back to Austin. Should be a fun week.
Fredericksburg is a fun little town, it has grown up some over the last 5 - 10 years. If you are a fan of distilled spirts, I was at the Milam & Greene distillery in Blanco back in January, well worth the visit. If that's not you cup of tea, the Real Ale brewery is right across the street, not much else Blanco though.
You really need to check out Hico.

Hico is a small berg southwest of DFW. It has a museum dedicated to Billy The Kid, with claims he wasn’t killed by Pat Garrett and lived his life out in anonymity in Hico.

There is a hidden German Restaurant southeast of Hico that is worth the trip, it is run by a German woman that doesn’t smile a lot, but puts out good German vittles…IMG_4070.jpeg
Currently on the plane ride home, TX didn’t disappoint. Peak wild flowers were very nice. Didn’t eat a single ounce of bbq…

Had a full week - flew into Austin late Friday, Saturday we took in the UT campus, natural history museum, saw the baseball team smoke Baylor, and caught the rodeo finals followed by Aaron Watson. Sunday we packed up and headed SW stopping by the Ladybird Johnson wildflower center on the way, took the back roads through Wimberly to Gruene, caught some live music at Gruene Hall and had ice cream, then on to San Antonio where we had a great dinner at Tito’s. Sunday we packed up again and toured the Alamo and enjoyed the river walk for a couple hours, pastries at La Panaderia were spectacular. That evening we made our way to a Vrbo near Bandera. Monday evening, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning we spent exploring the rental ranch, hiking around, collecting fossils, and slaying largemouth in the small lake there. The full moon coyote chorus was a bonus after enjoying steaks on the grill. Wednesday we headed out and took the long way to Fredericksburg through Utopia, lunch at the Lost Maples Cafe and a hike at Lost Maples natural area broke up the drive. We checked into the hotel then ran over to check the Luckenbach box, only a few folks there and had a trio playing and singing acoustic in the back of the old post office, pretty cool experience. Thursday we climbed around Enchanted Rock in the morning then took turns bouncing between the chilly pool and the hot tub for a couple hours, I snuck in a great lunch at Opa’s then that evening we strolled through downtown Fredericksburg and had steaks at the Hitching Post. Today we took our time getting back to the Austin airport, stopped in Johnson City and drove through Pedernales Falls SP and Bee Cave… now back to the real world via ATL.

There you go!! Sounds like a great trip.
Apologize for all the construction in downtown San Antonio, but looks like you made the most of it

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