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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
Anyone have this book by Mike Eastman?? Is it worth the money and as informative as he says it is?? Thanks!!

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TK--seems like I have it, I've read a lot of hunting books and kink of collect some--wasn't too bad if I'm remembering right--will need to double check as the the wife keeps piling crap in front of my books and she moves em too--Kirt Darner has one too--his was good also--you'll find though that ol' Kirt has been accused of some unethical stuff--this was after his book, but could've been that if it's true about his doings they happened before--but the info was basically the same as Mike Eastmans'---chris
Thanks Chris, I say what the hell and ordered it anyways. My mom said she would buy me whatever I wanted from them for my birthday and since I have all of his movies I decided to get the book.
Well that's good that you said I'll like it. Usually I ask for opinions then I go ahead and get something, I read the opinions and everyone says the thing sucks. LOL
I got it for Christmas. Haven't started it yet because I'm in the middle of "The Elk Hunter" and "Trophy Elk Hunters". I'm enjoying Trophy Elk Hunters. It is past Eastman Journal's stories. They are short quick and seem to offer helpful tips and tackics. It's like reading the Journal.

I also have Trophy Elk Hunters but haven't started it yet. I find the journal real informative so hopefully it will be the same.
TK--you will always get varying opinions on things, but if I read you correctly about your passion for hunting you will like it--now it's not like every page will be teeming with info, but I still think you will like it---as it talks about big bucks habits and such---I too have and have read the Trophy hunter elk and deer books by Eastmans and have a some vids from Mike's Dad and the Eastmans and from Mike's brother Rod(I think it's his brother)---chris
I know Chris, I didn't expect it to be packed with information on every page. I expected it to help me in becoming better at learning the habits, patterns, and such of mature muleys. I haven't taken a true mature buck YET, but I'm hoping that this book will help me in getting that goal soon.
I'm really enjoying Trophy Elk Hunters. I try to read a few stories every night.

-Not a good thing to do before bed though..

Last night my wife asked me what I was thinking about before we went to sleep...She was thinking about work/the kids/ the house and things like that. Me, I was thinking about that damn canyon that held those two big bucks in two years ago that I didn't hunt hard enough this year.

If I would have put in a little extra effort, a 30"'er might have been in there!

She thinks I've got a problem

Bulldown, I read stories from past issues of The Eastmans Journal every night before bed and I know how that goes. It really makes you wish you were hunting!! But heck, only about 9 more months.