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Dick Reece

some advice on calling,what to use,when,etc.
I'm new to this whole thing,but really looking forward to it.The ONLY reason I fish,is because the State won't let me hunt.Now that has changed,since we got coyotes here which we can hunt all year round. I would rather do that than catch a fish.The only fish I like to fish for is wading a creek with a flyrod [but just using it to play out line downstream] fishing for trout and pulling them in by hand.

So, what's the best setup in daytime for coyotes,the best call technique,etc ? What kind of cammo do you use, a blind or ghillie suit or what ? I bought a ghillie suit this year,I intend to use it with turkeys,and possibly coyotes,if it doesn't get too hot?

Also, are coyotes bad to circle you trying to get wind, like a deer will sometimes do,or not ?

While you're at it,give me some hints on hunting bobcats in the fall if any of you have ever done that.I've got buddies who've lucked up on one and killed it during hunting season, and I've always wanted to kill one.

I'll be using a 22-250 to hunt yotes and turkeys this year.

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