Hey Meathunters!!!!!!!!!!!!



...any meathunters out there?

Wyoming has some of the best deals going for meathunters!
In some areas you can get a cow tag for $140, in some you can buy two doe deer tags for $50 each!....and in many areas, you can buy two doe antelope for $50 each!

A guy could easily take a couple week "safari" style hunt and take 5 big game animals for $340!....and that is out-of-stater prices!
The lope deal is automatic, and the deer and elk units available are loaded with these game, that is why they want to reduce the herds there.....something to think about for any meathunters out there....
Hey DS,
Those prices went up this year I think. About $60 and $160 if I'm not mistaken. Still a great deal, though!

I'll be hunting deer in NE Wyoming this fall, but how does one determine which units have those opportunities. Is this info on the website?

Good luck this year!

Oak.......my last check last week was the same as last year, unless something has changes very recently.

Where have you been keeping yourself Terry?!
Had a bud mention you in e-mail just a couple of days ago.......shoot me a mail....may wanna hook up for the Co late season.........

Westman......it should be on the website....if not, shoot me an e-mail and I can tell you what units are available.......
Non-resident doe tags for PA are $26 each. Residents pay a whopping $6 each :D

This is the first year that buck and doe season are combined. In the past buck season was 2 weeks with 3 days of doe season immediately following.

I had "WorthlessNut" in my deer stand about 3 weeks ago and in 2 hours we saw 8 deer, one being a buck. The local Game Comm Biologists say we have 80 deer per sq mile.

This will be the best year for the deer hunter in PA.

Hey Shaky... I took my first buck last fall in PA not too far from you. We were in Jefferson County... real pretty area.

Good news about the deer numbers there. Good luck! Also... I agree with you on the .300 Winny Vs. 30/06 thing!

Congrats on your deer last year here in PA.

I have no idea where Jefferson County is, :(
It isn't close to me.

The 300 win versus the 30-06 is a long story,,,almost an inside joke. Although the statement is true.

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