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Hey Buckshot(Tobey)

George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
where the heck you been? Did you see my pics below? Those are the dogs from out your way !! What have you been up to? 95 degrees here today. I havent run since last Wedensday its been too hot.Hope to get out in a couple days. Just noticed my Whitey dog coming into heat I think.Boy am I bummed.6 weeks to train and there goes 3 of them.I was going to have the 2 new females spayed in June but never got around to it.Little late now.
Tobey, Roxie hasnt come in yet ,huh? What day can we start baiting in Maine??
Hey George,

It's been another hectic spring and summer. Hunting bears all of May and then back to the woods to work on my Forest Service contract. Real long days and no time for the computer by the time I see the kids to bed. I check in when I can but haven't really had time to get involved. I had a chance to get on here earlier today and got through the first couple topics, saw you had pictures posted and meant to get to them but something came up. But I made it back and got to see your pictures now. Congratulations, looks like a dandy way to start the season. Bummer about the *****, never fails though, they always come in during the hunting season! Hope it cools off and the rest of the training season goes as well for you.

Take 'er easy,
George Sally was in heat about a month ago.Roxy started to swell and looked like she was coming in this spring but whent out again.Maybe she's one of them short sycle females.I can't find my law book but I think you start baiting one month prier to kill season,witch is 31 days.witch would be friday.not 30 days prier.I may be wrong.Saterday for sure.

Hay Buckshot good to here from you.
How did your spring bear hunt go??